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Is it allowed to reset a season to try for better track rng? Some tracks/countries are much faster than others and you can retire from a season and load another really fast. No rules forbid it so I assume it's fine.

It'd also be good to have when time should start and when time should stop in the rules, as right now I'm just guessing based on other runners. Right now 1st and 2nd place start their runs at different times, and they stop their timers at wildly different times. One before the final screens one after, like 25 seconds different.

Also the rules don't say you have to the championships in order, I presume you don't, it'd be good to have a rules clarification on that.


The rules were made before most runners got here to agree on anything. We have a thread on when timing should start/stop now. And yes reset you career as many times as you need. No one's gonna force you to play 30 mins of a dead run.

As for the order I don't see why going out of order would be forbidden but I believe going in order is the fastest for the menus. Only reason I could see for this is to manip rng for a round with more stages in it and I'm fine with this.

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Thanks for the response!

To clarify when I meant resetting, I meant retiring from a season to get a new set of tracks within a run. I have done runs with the 1971 first as that has the most rng (I can't retire for a fast 2nd set of tracks, it's the only 2 country part of group 2).

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