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First off let me just say hello to everyone. This will be my first post ever on this site and Im excited to start this journey.

Yesterday I set a #1 time on a rain stage and it sent me here wondering what had been set up for this game as a speed community.

The idea I had before coming over here for a category was to set up a custom rally with every forward stage from one region (perhaps a separate for all reverse).

To my knowledge stages are chosen at random in career mode. The format I mentioned before would eliminate this random element.

My rules for this category would be as followed:
-set up a custom rally with one of every forward stage from one region
-AI on easy (they don't matter :p)
-Weather set to afternoon
-runs timed by total rally time at the end of all tracks

Obviously these are just suggestions and id love to hear your opinions.

P.S. when you get those single rain times set up let me know cuz I got one hell of a time share with you.

See You guys in the Forest!

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