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Hi dear runners,
can you tell me, where I can find the game, install and run it? I've tried to run the original game I have on CD, but it doesn't work in my Win10 system.
Kind regards

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It does run fine from CD on my Win10 system. During the installation I had to wait for a long time at some points, but ultimately it ended up working without any problems. A few things that sometimes help that you could try:

- Instead of running the Autorun.exe or Setup.exe in the main directory of the CD, run the Setup.exe that is inside of the "Setup" directory
- Run the .exe in compatibility mode, for example WinXP
- Copy all files from the CD onto your drive and then try executing the Setup from your local drive instead of from the CD

I don't think there is a way to buy the game first hand on platforms like Steam, just like the other Star Trek games by Activision. I believe there were some licensing/legal issues at some point.

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