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We've just opened up a vote regarding the timing for the Any% and 100% categories. Specifically, we're voting to either,
• Keep everything as is.
• Completely remove the Intro Walk segment from Any% and 100%, and adjust the start time to be consistent with other categories.
• Allow "race file" timing so runners can choose to start their runs after the intro walk.

More specific information in this video:

The vote is being held in the Arkham Speedrunning Discord and is open to anyone with a verified run in the Any% or the 100% category. If you're in the Discord, have a run in one of those categories, and do not see the voting channels, please send me a private message and I'll get that fixed up for you.

The vote will remain open until July 6th at 12pm EST (4pm GMT).

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The vote has now closed, here were the results:
• Keep everything as is: 2 votes
• Remove Intro Walk: 4 votes
• Allow race file: 14 votes

As the results were overwhelmingly in favour of allowing race file, we have updated the Any% and 100% rules to allow this. For accurate timing with this method, you need a positive start time that should hit 6:47.77 when you gain control of Batman. If you're using the autosplitter with autostart (as of writing the autosplitter has not been released yet), your start time should be 6:40.70.

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