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Why does the leaderboard now show non current runs ? It used to just be the best run from a submitter, now its showing multiple runs from the same person. Why not just get a decent run, then replicate 50 times to push all other runners off the list?
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There must be a solution either to take only the best run or disconnect pc and console
Although it would not solve the problem with separation, since there is 360 PS3 ps4 xbox one so remains only the best run
The board is not set for consoles to obsolete each other, so it's not possible to have more runs than the number of consoles for the game. Setting this option will fix the board. I'll suggest it be fixed but I am not a mod so we'll see what happens.
Right, it shows your best run on each console you use. If we want to avoid creating separating categories for consoles as we did with City (and it looks like garbage) and also to not let console runs be buried (it's the only PS4 run on leadeboard) — i suggest we leave it as is.
This magical button allowes you to see runs only on your platform.
If it's possible you can remove my PS4 runs, since they are easy to beat. It does make the boards look cluttered.
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