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Hi everyone! I am new here. I want to start a youtube series on less obvious speedruns (inspired by summoningsalt) and am not sure where to start as I don't speedrun myself. (I did the bottle glitch once in OOT, immediately felt guilty, and that was it.)

I'm thinking my first one will be Arkham Asylum, but I also want to tackle linear games (ace attorney, etc), old games (maniac mansion, etc), movie tie in games, forgotten or not as well regarded games, etc.

If anyone here can help me find the first speedruns or when tricks were developed, I would be very grateful.


Go on the boards and use the filter to find obsoleted runs. From there you can find really old runs. I am fairly new to this scene, I just joined in 2017 so I can't really be a really big help for the older stuff. I can help with the new things


you'll have to look around in the boards yourself my man

oldest record i can see is from 2013 by robosparkle


To find the early runs you gotta go deeper than the leaderboard.
Initial routing for the game was discussed in this thread on the SDA:
Reasonably old runs by DarthKnight are on the game page, not updated for long time:
If you have questions to the runners from that period you can easily reach to honorableJay and RoboSparkle (both are mods here and have links in their profiles) or ask in the game's discord (link also in the sidebar).

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