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Welcome on the Asterix & Obelix XXL page.
Here you can find everything you need around the speedrun of Asterix & Obelix XXL.

On the left of the page you can find different sub-sections.

• ''Full-game Leaderboard'' : This is the place where all the full-game runs are shown and ranked in a leaderboard between different categories.

• ''Level Leaderboard'' : This is the place where you can find the best times of every runner for every specific level in full any% run or just for a single level.

• ''Guides'' : This is the place where you can find guides and stuff about the game and the different categories of speedrun.

• ''Discord'' : When you click on it you get an invite for the discord sever of the community that I higly encourage you to join. There you can find even more stuff about the speedrun community of Asterix speedrun in general.

• ''Streams'' : This is the place where the runners of the game can show their streams when they are live.

• ''Resources'' : This is the place where you can find downloadable things such as patchs, splits, save files, ...

• ''Forum'' : We highly recommend you to come on the community discord server to ask your questions but can also ask in this forum section, but don't expect a really quick answer there.

• '' Statistics'' : Just some data about the board of Asterix & Obelix XXL.

• Don't forget to activate the ''Night Mode'' on, it makes the website and our board way more readable.

• Don't forget to create an account on and to click on the ''Follow'' button for not missing any new runs of the game.

• Don't be shy to submit a first run or even a run in general. Even if you think that your run is garbage. We need more players and more times on the board to encourage even more players to come join us. With every run your helping the community and can keep track of your progression from one run to another.