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I've noticed that there aren't any runs currently up with the editor/osiris glitch - that's not allowed in full-game or IL runs, right?

There's also an awful lot of inconsistent stuff such as units sometimes walking across impassable terrain, and I once got a titan to stop attacking altogether because the AI wigged out. Would a run with something like this be excluded?

Thirdly, there's consistent bugs such as gates that you can walk around (I think the ones in level 31 and T11 are offenders of this, as well as the one guarding the well of urd), and the poseidon lure one where you gain infinite resources if you repair it, and also the ship teleport. Are these allowed?

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I would also like to know.


There was a Titan All Campaigns run like that once with the editor glitch, but among the few people involved with AoE series speedruns at the time it was decided not to allow that glitch in particular. Anything else would be okay for now, I guess. It'd be good for runners (including you) to discuss this more but it is a pretty inactive speedgame, although @Adam_ak has done some runs lately so he could pitch in with thoughts.


The osiris one is very arbitrary, I wouldn't be in favour of allowing it. I've never seen the lure one. The rest seems like something that should be allowed.

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My thoughts would be this:

Inconsistent ones like walking through impassable terrain / titans not attacking (like this ) disallowed in IL's, because then they'd be totally random unless somebody found out how they work, but allowed in full-game runs because it'd be silly to reject a run for something totally out of the runner's control.

Consistent ones like transport warp, lure repairing, specific weird gates allowed because they're replicable (and make things fast!) - I think they only affect like 2 levels, each.

Editor glitch banned kinda arbitrarily, I guess? It's just not playing the game any more and games usually have categories like NoOob and stuff anyway?

EDIT: Also, for some reason the lure bug isn't working on my copy of aom gold, though I'm sure I've done it before - if you let an opponent's tower or town center damage it you should be able to repair it with a villager and gain infinite resources. I have managed to do it on extended edition single player, however.)



When I did the runs years ago, I decided I wanted to use any tricks that a player COULD do in a run from start to end with a clean copy of the game. Not that that really matters seeing as I've not picked up the game since doing my Golden Gift run, but that's what I was doing back in the day.

And as long as you don't pause abuse to abuse the in game clock, you've got my blessings.


Hello, I wanted to resume this thread, there is a glitch in the editor that allows to take advantage of a vulnerability to pass the campaign faster, I understand that this may be banned in a normal speed run, but wouldn't it be worth having its own category? As in other games, having a version of speed run with glitch and without glitch, since for practical purposes it allows you to see how it is possible to pass the game with great speed, I would not have a problem explaining how to execute this glitch


As there's nowhere else to put this, here's a new glitch to add to the pile:

If you mash the "town center" and "villager" keys (by default h and v) while the level is loading and into the opening cutscene, you can queue up villagers while the cutscene is going on. This also works for other buildings, but you'd need to rebind them.

I have confirmed that, for villagers, it works on these levels:
6, 8, 20, 27, 28, 32
T1, T4, T8


Just want to add, the Lure exploit for infinite resources only worked in EE since the release of chinese up to and including patch 2.6. it got fixed in 2.7.

Does this mean the lure exploit is still a legitimate strategy when you change your EE version back to 2.6? or does there now need to be new categories as they are now different versions?