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I'm currently learning things to do a full game titan speedrun, but it looks like the full game runs have no submission filter for difficulty.

Recommend changing that so as to allow titan runs to compete separately to easy etc.


Maybe by submitting a titan run they would add a new filter. Only a guess though. And I'm a little late.


I see there are now 2 difficulties for All campaign run but would it be possible to do the same for the individual campaign like Fall of the Trident, New Atlantis and The golden Gift ?

Because right now it feels pretty pointless trying to run FoTT in Titan difficulty because I know I wont be able to beat my run in easy in Titan difficulty.

Moreover if you run a full campaign you're forced to have safe missions run that don't involve RNG and the best times in Titan involve a lot of RNG or micro luck.

Therefore I feel like there should be a different tab for campaign in TItan and Easy difficulty.


In most games you should have a run ready to submit before asking to add a category; regardless, the absence of a category from the leaderboard is not stopping you from running it.


Added a difficulty variable for all full-game categories, not separating categories just yet because I don't know what difficulty every run uses but maybe soon.

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