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Will post screenshots of potential times for Titan ILs as I get to them. This top thread will list which levels I've found are the same as their easy ILs. I don't record my practice, so that's why you won't have immediate VoDs of these times.

Age of Mythology (Base)

Mission 14- Isis, Hear my Prayer
Mission 30- All is not lost

The Golden Gift

Mission 1- Brokk's Journey
Mission 2- Eitri's Journey

The Titans Expansion

Mission 2: The New Atlantis (Take the fence. Current best by DKBalls is 4:44. Going to have to re-record Easy now....)

Mission 11: Atlantis Betrayed
Mission 12: War of the Gods


Titans Mission 4: Odin's Tower

Mission strat invalidated very quickly by Adam_AK.

New strat:

Vortex Kastor over towards Green. Have army attack hill fort and temple. Kastor to get pegasus relic. Villager to cut path through trees to let Kastor back in.

Pegasus to grant LoS to three temples. Vortex and deconstruct as appropriate.

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