Hello everyone,

I'm not sure to understand the rule "Emulator Runs must show and capture the whole emulator window when doing runs.". Which useful information is conveyed in the emulator window?

Also, I usually record speed and score runs in MAME native "inp" format using WolfMAME (a MAME version specifically designed for recording which does not allow pausing, cheats, savestates and other "mischievous" behaviors). Then I transcode them at a later time to obtain higher quality video output.
Does this means that I cannot post my runs?

Thanks you in advance.

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Hey dude.

We have actually used WolfMame INP's before on other leaderboards. We will gladly accept a valid WolfMame INP in place of the "emulator window rule". I will update the rules to accurately reflect this as well.

Just leave a link to the INP in the description of your submission along with the version of WolfMame used.

Thanks and good luck!


Great Tenka!

I'm glad WolfMAME is used here. I will post a bunch of runs in the next days!


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