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use in game timer and normal settings

random map
normal visibility
normal resources
i dont know about map size though or how many players can be in the game


You can just answer in the first thread you made, but a few points

Wonder race is interesting setting since you win without beating your enemy, makes it suitable for speedrun.

- use ingame timer
This allows pausing etc and doesn't make it a real speedrun, it is fun for challenges etc but defeats speedrun purpose

- random map
Basically makes everyone pick map with best food - yucatan. Not sure how great random map is, but creating a map for a speedrun makes it a strange setting aswell, will end up with resetting for map rng

- normal visibility
Just make it explored, no need for normal visibility you can scout the map and restart to know where resources are anyway.

- normal resource
Standard resources is indeed basic setting

- map size / amount of players
I would say no interaction with other players (or their resources?), prob just tiny map vs bot on easiest.

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Now that you bring it up again after a few months, it kinda reminded me of the recent Dota 2 speedruns that have been done. It should be doable, but the reliance on map RNG would be quite high. Still a cool idea, I think. I'll create a leaderboard category in the event that people want to do some runs of it.

Also, I agree with most of what SiFly said. Map visibility may be set to All Visible as well, though that shouldn't affect much seeing as you should be focusing on your own units and not the enemy's, in a wonder race. The only thing I think should be different is to start with high resources, in the interest of the speedrun. Starting age should be Dark though, because starting off with nearly enough to already make a wonder (doable if you make a market) and in the Imperial Age is absurd. Anyway, it's better to discuss than have me make all the rules. I'll just lay down some preliminary stuff in the leaderboard category so there's something to stick to.


I understand you want high resources for fastest run. But since we can set dark age, why not just standard resources either, more interesting with bit longer time to set up eco and possibilities to make a difference.


Hmm, we'd have to see which one people would actually run more. Resources would greatly affect the run, but not in a "I can make a Wonder right away" kind of way. It's the issue of enjoyability / variety vs. speed. I'd personally prefer Standard resources, so I guess we can make that the rule. Maybe if others want a faster run, then could add High resources as another category.


Still waiting for Lako his run now the category is live.


In theory, we could also have the AI resign because technically that results in the same "You are Victorious!" ending. It will still say "You are Victorious!", which stops the clock and wins the run. (and the game)


I don't think you can really influence them to resign in that game mode though, and any weird thing that'd technically work I don't see being faster than just making a wonder (if I'm proven wrong I'll amend the rules)