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so I was attempting to run this IL and I got time with 1s lower IGT than current WR by ChazB, but when I tried to calculate actual RTA I found out that I was still almost 2s behind WR.

I've run livesplit alongside current WR and it seems to me that it actually is closer to 2:43:37 than 2:42 but I might be biased.

Can someone verify my verification or verify this run himself?


here is the link with my verification attempt:


The AoE in game is pretty accurate, so because we play on fast its always divide by 2 to get the RTA.
After watching back over my run, I see that there is a half second of lag that happens just after I load the map you can see it because there is no inputs.
It happens at 1.9 til 2.5 (roughly).

Which also happens in my Skirmish 34.

Which maybe happened due to me changing AoE to display in higher resolution or Windows 10 compatibility mode?
Its up to the mods where it goes from here.


I re timed my hunting from first input and it was 2:42:4
But if you go from when the map loads its closer to 2:43.

I just check your hunting 2:44 which also has around half a second of lag at the start.

Which I believe maybe down to Windows 10 as I can see your running windows 10 (I think that's the win10 loading spiral I seen in your video.)


I chose to time it from when you actually had control over the game, since you had the lag from the MIDI track loading. With that, it was right around the time you describe, 2:43.3 or so. As for why the disparity with in-game and real time even with taking into account the initial lag, I can't be certain.


Run I submitted was not the fastest I got but first good one I got. I got 5:23 IGT later but I got super confused when I was looking at very precise timings because it seemed slower than your run despite the IGT.

It's written in the rules "from when the game loads" not from "when you have control" and that's what I went by.

I am running win10 and yeah, the sound loading is lagging sometimes. I wonder if we should take that into consideration for timing runs? I know this game is kinda dead and obsolete because of DE

here is my 5:23 IGT run.