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hi, I'm planning to make a video about aoe1 glitches.

I have created this page which lists most of my findings:

There are a few more things like "loading a gaia-controlled save will mess up the game", or "gaia-controlled villagers building something will crash the game", which I chose not to list. Not sure if I will include those in the video.

There are some bugs exclusive to multiplayer that I also chose not to look into further.

Let me know what you think.

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You could also include the edge walking bug, where you can move slightly out of bounds on the top-left edge of the map and walk along it.

Sounds like it'd make for an interesting video, in any case.


There's also the bug in Coming of the Huns where manually changing diplomacy stops the huns from becoming enemies with you.


Yes - that is quite weird one. When you attack them and stop attacking, the Huns change diplomatic stance to Enemy and then to Ally. Attack more and you'll get a bunch of changes in diplomatic stance, finally resulting in them being your enemy as they should be.


Here the video

I forgot to test the edge walking thing. Oh well...


there's also a glitch where gaia towers will fire a single arrow at the unit discovering them, and even do damage! This can be seen in the "I'll be back" scenario in the greek campaign, when your transport boat first discovers the towers of the gaia village. The "war horn" will sound immediately before discovering the gaia tower.