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The PS2 version of the game, besides the better graphics, has differences in the levels, some layouts are different (like the mad doctor's castle, which is completely different), and the "Inside Wall" level is completely absent as well. This applies to the PS1 version too; for example, Pinball's design is radically altered. Can separate categories be made for these versions?


by design do you mean level layouts or textures?


Good call. I have never played any other version other than Nintendo 64. Did a quick search on YouTube and here's a playlist of the levels in the PS2 version.

I think it makes sense to make separate categories.


Yeah, Zen, I mean level design in general, not just differences in graphics/textures. I have a ton of knowledge of the PS1+PS2 versions of the game, but I have none of the N64 version, which confused me with its numerous changes.

Thanks Skilloz, looking forward to them.


Hey Sayuri. I added in two new categories for you. Any% PS1, and Any% PS2. I left the N64 category just as "Any%" temporarily. Reason for that is because I submitted a run to AGDQ 2018 and want to keep the category the same name until they announce what games will be run - which is October 10th I believe. So I'll update it to Any% N64 after that.

And Zen, the levels are vastly different just by looking at some of those YouTube videos.


Awesome, thank you! I'll have runs on them in due time.

Oh, and good luck with your submission, I'd love to see it at the event!

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Hey, Skilloz. Can you add a PS2 category on the "Level Leaderboard"? Since, as you know, the PS2 version is rather different from the N64 version (and, actually, different from the PSX version too), these are the levels in the PS2 version:

Boot Camp, Dinner, Bridge, Refrigerator, Graveyard, Castle, Tan Base, Revenge, Desk, Bed, Plasticville, Toy Shelf, Cashier, Toy Train Town, Rocket Base, Pool Table, Pinball Machine.

As of now, I've got one run of Dinner recorded: a 1:19 IGT. I'd like to submit it and might attempt to do the other levels.