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Hey guys,

I just changed the rules to be a little more specific for the full game runs and for the ILs. The full game run timer starts on first input and ends when the last cutscene starts to play.

ILs use IGT to time since it's super easy to see that. I also changed IL difficulty to basically whatever's fastest. Normal alone doesn't really make sense to me.

Let me know if this doesn't work for you or if there are gripes.

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What do others think? I kind of like that idea, tbh.

Just as an FYI, the reason that I decided it that way was
1) That's the method for another game that I run
2) That's closest to how it'd be done IGT for the levels

Obviously neither of those are particularly good selling points so if anyone else has any opinions, you can voice them and we can talk. Otherwise, I'll just change it to your method, Z.

We can also change it down the road but it'd be more annoying for retiming any runs.


I originally timed IL's this way because the games default setting is normal, but I don't see why there couldn't be a table for all difficulties just a game like golden eye has. There is enough differences between the difficulties to merit it. For now I have been running on easy though since that is what everyone else is doing.


Been thinking a bit and atm the IL leaderboard heavily favors N64 even though we separate our full game's by platform as well. PC and PS1 have the same mechanics I believe, N64 is the dominating version, but I know next to nothing about the dreamcast version to know if it should be different (edit: apparently cutscenes arent' skippable)

So tl;dr can we have subcategories for the IL leaderboard as well to accomidate this? I think we have a decent split on how people run that game that more IL activity would be beneficial to those who don't want to be uncompetitive due to n64 just owning due to cutscene it'd be more fun to not have to switch off what platform runners are more comfortable with to get on the IL board