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Sup guys, idk if someone is still reading this forum, but if someone is, thanks to him. :3

I'm currently learning the game, and I had some doubts about the multiple input devices.

For the little story (you can skip this part) :

So I started using the controller close to the keyboard so I could press space for the glitch extra, but it's kindof a pain to play like that I'd rather be more lay back... ^^
So I put the keyboard on the floor so I could press it like a pedal, no jokes.

But then lately I've been lazy to do that setup and move the keyboard and all, so I just remapped a key on my controller to have 2 jump buttons and so I could just chill.

So I just want to understand clearly, in a true run, is it allowed to use personal controller settings?
(I'm using home button as extra jump)
Or even if I prefer to invert hat and knife button, is it not allowed?

Since it's a PC game, and you can play it on keyboard, and a keyboard is already something you can map as you want, without doing any modifications to the game or keyboard.
You can even map the keyboard inputs as you wish from inside Alice configuration menu in-game.

So that's why I had some doubts about mapping the controller.
If someone could clarify to me that would be awesome! 🙂

If not idk I might just play on keyboard since controller is a bit dumb then (bad mapping + slow teapot fire) or dont sumbit my runs here and just play freely. ^-^

(I may used some words that arent fit for the phrase since my english is kinda approximated sometimes but I hope I made myself understood)

Have a nice day,

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Well, since nobody really answered, and most of all, it's not really important... I'll just play with my binds as I like and not worry about it yet. ^^

And if I reach some good times, then I'll get more concerned about the rules.

Enjoy your games.

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There's no such thing as a "standard" controller (and therefore button layout) for PCs so I'd say it's fine to remap it.

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Thanks for the answer Zawj, appreciated. 🙂

Your runs are beautiful.

See ya around. ^^

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