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Hi everyone.

Now that there are new Alice runners, it's time to create a thread about these new glitches / OOBs / techniques / etc that could help all of us for speedrunning !

Now, let's talk about these zone's we're bored of to find some way to skip them !

PS : here's the invitation for the Discord server : https:/​/​discord.​gg/​9658kFa


Here's a new OOB in Chapter 2, Choral Coral

Thanks to this one, you can now skip the BottleFish's fights. It saves about 2 minutes in NG+ (Nightmare) when you take the time to kill crab & ruins to do it safely. You can also do the skip while ennemies are still alive, but you need to neutralize the crab (Some tea to stun him, then the rabbit so he won't attack you directly)

You'll need to do double shrink before you jump (like Executionner Skip) to make Alice move a little more on the right. If you don't, she won't be able to jump the entire wall and will fall about half-way.

At the moment, we couldn't find a way to continue the OOB further because the next zone's wall are way higher. You can float on the left of the next zone and trigger a Death Barrier that will revive you in the 1st Oyster Arena, but you'll need to jump back to the door to make the ennemies spawn. It doesn't safe that much time to do so.

Here's the video. This glitch has no name at the moment, as we don't even know if we can continue it further.

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Hi, as a new runner myself these new things are awesome. Have to check in to that.
Have been studying those Dokalfar explanatory runs and Aimish`s WR run to get a good picture of how things are done properly

I`d really would like to know if there is a discord server atm for AMR, or should we create one? It should be nice to have that kind of stable platform to discuss about the new things and seek help if one runs into trouble with some skips and such.

- Z


Yeah, welcome in Alice's speedrun !

A Discord server is a great idea, I just created one. Here it is : https:/​/​discord.​gg/​9658kFa


pls add Discord invite link to the settings of the game on this site


This is pretty damn nice to see.

I'm happy and hyped about this skip, almost as much as I'm for seeing so many nice people involved. 😃

I've joined the Discord myself, looking foward to see where this lead us.
Thanks! :))