Want to get into running this game but not completely sure if I should start of doing any% runs or NG+. I have watched runs for both categories and they both seem just as difficult as each other, so a recommendation would be much appreciated! Also are the skips and what not pretty self explanatory or are there some things I have to learn before I can do skips?


The difference isn't really that big. NG+ has more skips (Vale of Tears, teapot skip are the bigger, more difficult ones), dress effects (ch4 dress with its 4HP limit allows easy hysteria and doesn't make the game much harder if you memorize the damage chart, most enemies are predictable) and you don't have to remember about having to upgrade weapons.

I'd say go for NG+, that's what most runners did.

It's been years since I last played the game, most skips are easy to understand once you've seen a video, here's a quick list of what I still remember:
- you get the glitched extra jump when you release the jump button during the last regular float and press it again immediately within 1 or 2 frames;
- shrinking cancels dashes and some animations;
- dashing has a set speed, you usually don't want to dash after leaving a slide;
- sometimes leaving a slide while aiming at different direction (e.g. pressing W+A or W+D) affects your speed;
- dashing backwards has no time cap but is a pain in the ass to do properly;
- in out of bounds skips looking at certain directions makes the terrain despawn sooner or later...

There's still much more, Dokalfar made a mostly complete list of skips, check it out:

How to enable wireframes and stuff:

Let me know if you have trouble with any particular skip or glitch, I'll be happy to help.

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