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So currently the rules for timing are as follows:

- Start the timer when you see the mission brief screen
- Timer ends when Plastro UFO blows up and flies away

I want to propose some changes to the timing, where the rules would look like this

- Timing starts on selecting a character
- Timing ends on first completely black screen after killing UFO

The reason for this is that it's much easier to accurately split for these manually. While it is true that when doing retiming, it's easy to find the first frame of explosion upon killing UFO, but it's also harder / more vague as to what is the correct frame when dealing with a rule like "Start the timer when you see the mission brief screen" since it's a fade in. Does it mean the first non-dark frame after fade-out from character select? Does it mean the first non-faded frame?

Basically I think the timing start is too unnecessarily vague to be used in retiming, and both rules are too hard to split accurately to in runs (particularly the ending is hard to time without sacrificing focus on playing, and even then it's hard)

Pls consider timing change 🙂

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