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Hey all,

I'm new to the community, but practiced this game a while back. Used to use controller, but always had a tough time finding a good one.

I decided to experiment and use keyboard. To my amazement, I actually love it - but it's very questionable because I can press 2 opposite directionals at the same time. I noticed 2 things this affects

-It allows me to moonwalk to the Left or Up.

-I also learned while trying to pump up stairs, if you hold LEFT and RIGHT while going up or down stairs with superspeed, you actually can superspeed up the stairs

I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be legal, but I'm really having fun with this and don't really want to go back to controller as they're hard to find and wear out easily

I'm wondering if I can nerf my keyboard to only allow one directional at a time. Any Objections?

Edit: I've decided to only pump in one direction when going up stairs, because using both Left & Right directionals one after the other at a fast rate is way to easy to press both at the same time. I really want to continue using keyboard so I'll nerf myself


It's been a while since I've used an emulator, but I think most have an option in them that disables L+R and U+D at the same time.

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Yea I'm not to keen on them either. I was looking up and down for it. I have RetroArch. If anyone knows the option I would greatly appreciate it


Simultaneous opposite direction inputs should be disabled by default if you're using the recommended snes9x core. https:/​/​alttp-wiki.​net/​index.​php/​RetroArch_Settings is probably worth a read to make sure you're using the right core with the right settings.

The config option for it is only available after a game is loaded - load a game, hit F1 to bring up the RetroArch quick menu, Options -> Allow Opposing Directions. If you (un)set it once, it should persist for all future uses of that core.

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He's using 1.7.3 RetroArch, while I'm using 1.8.4 - I'm not seeing the option "allow opposing directions" anywhere

I made an account at RetroArch's Forums to ask there, but they wont send me a confirmation eMail. Smh

I'll get it eventually but it's still unresolved


Ok, I found it a day later. You were right, I wasnt using the current Snes9x core

Thanks othertom


Just an FYI, as far as I know, Retroarch emulator removes lag (at least newer versions do) so it is going to be inaccurate there as well. Feel free to double check me on that but I'm pretty sure that's the case. We don't allow it for NES games usually because of this feature that cannot be turned off.


Lol then I'll just quit. Too many rules, and I won't be going across the four corners of the earth to find some SNES relics I would never own otherwise


All you have to do is turn off run ahead. Plenty of people have run this game on retroarch with no issues. Theres literally like 4 rules.

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"Theres literally like 4 rules."

Maybe I should clarify. After playing with Keyboard for a few weeks, I have new concerns.

Basically, I aim to climb the leaderboard. I don't want to get to the top 100, 50, or even 20 and then find out people have a problem with me playing keyboard and say I have an advantage

I already know that the top players argue about glitches allowed in NMG. It's a relevant concern that my playing with the keyboard could be voted against in a majority discord vote. It's not something I want to find out the hard way after 100's of hours of practice, and so it literally decides whether I will continue or not. I play SSBM, so I'm super anal about controllers. I can't afford to buy a new controller every 6 months when it breaks, but I like running this game. So it begs the question

Are there any examples of top players who use a Keyboard and mouse and it's perfectly fine?

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If you get a 124 then it is already very commendable. It is actually quite unfair how much a real setup pushes your time after experiencing it first hand. I can not attest to how votes are handled in the discord and this is something that you need to take up with the people themselves if you feel up to it. But i can tell you, g3rdo who is also in our terranigma community also plays with a keyboard for years, so why would suddently arrive a problem when you start.

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Answers my question, sorry for the lengthy rant

That's good news for me. Thank you!


The suggestion that we're gonna up and vote to ban keyboard tells me you should spend less time watching youtube clickbait and more time participating in the community via DIscord before making outlandish hypotheticals about our behavior and practices.


For the most part the top of the leaderboard has console runners, but there are some that have 1:24ed while on emulator, and Eriror specifically did it on Retroarch with an Ibuffalo USB controller if memory serves. And Skipsy nailed it, G3rdo posted a great time while also playing on Keyboard. The rules for what is proper to play on has been pretty static, at least since I started playing 2.5 years ago. I believe someone has also posted in the discord for good retroarch setups to make it pretty painless. Good luck on the grind!