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Howdy! In talking to a few folks from the Crush community, we were thinking about exploring more of Alien Crush via longer categories.

In that spirit, I spent some time to get a 10M and 25M run together. Those point marks match the longer categories used for Devil's Crush.

Anyone else interested? So far the strats are more or less the same - bottom bonus for victory. Not accidentally draining and getting consistently good bonus redemptions seems extra important for keeping a good pace. But perhaps the top screen has strats that are worth the ramp up for larger point targets.

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I would also run this category.

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Throwing this out there too, I'd be happy to help out with modding duties on this game along with Devil's Crush.

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Just a heads up guys, Since I'm no longer mod on this game. @Peanutfan22Peanutfan22 is currently away on vacation, I'll send him a DM and forward this thread to him and see if I can get his attention. If I can't get a hold of him you might be waiting a few days before you get a response, just know that its only because hes busy and not because hes inactive. He should be around soon to handle the request.

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This is in no way urgent, but thank you for reaching out.

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I’m surprised there isn’t one listed here for people who have cleared the game tbh. Not that I ever expect it to fill. But having the list available would give the Crush community hope.

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Morning everyone! I am back from vacation. I added the 10M and 25M categories. I will add the "Beat the game" one as soon as someone does it and figures out how LUL. It might be like Devils Crush where you need to max out the score, but i cant find any info online. Thank you for your interesting in this game and happy shooting!

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Looks like there is an ending! Just like Devil's Crush it is a score max out. This is from the wiki page that is linked in the SR page ..

In an unusual twist for a pinball game, Alien Crush actually has an ending. It's incredibly short, and you need to score 999,999,990 points in order to view it. However, based on average gameplay, it would take approximately ten hours to reach this score. The video presented to the right demonstrates what happens when you accomplish this feat.

The page also lists point values for different targets on the table, might be useful for high scoring strategies. I will add the category. Good Luck everyone!

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