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So I heard something about a glitch in world one that my cousin done it's meant to skip pretty much half the game idk if this is true or not but will be having a dig shortly when I get a few days off and hopefully get this recorded. Just wanna know your thoughts on this?


Thoughts on what? You've given no info on it at all 😖


so I've been trying to find out where and how to perform this glitch as it was something from years back that warps you to the second janken match level from level one but would it be good for the glitch run or not?


If it's all done in game without cheats etc then it would be good for the glitch run as it would skip 5 levels, and could be routed in depending on what's necessary etc.

Theoretically it's possible, if the game thinks it's on level 6 at the end of level 1, the next level that the game would load would be level 7 (the one with the 2nd janken match). On the same path though, if it thinks it's on level 16 at the end of level 1 then you get taken to the last level of the game, and from a selection of higher levels you seem to get a crash or so.

I'm sceptical though, so will wait to see what you can dig up. 🙂