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First things first shouldn't "Any% With Glitches" just be "Any%"?

Next with "Any% Glitchless" at what point is a mechanic a glitch? My main question is related to cutscenes. When in a cutscene only nearby objects are loaded. meaning you can walk through doors, enemies, ect. This can be seen here where both an unloaded door and Nightgaunt are clipped through

Don't get me wrong, I think abusing unloaded objects in cutscenes shouldn't be allowed in "Any% Glitchless". I just feel this should be clarified.

I'd also like to see an "Any% No OOB" category, because there are cool clips that don't utterly break the game.
A list of OOB and Non OOB clips can be found here:

I know it's a bit dumb to ask for new categories when no one runs the current ones, but I hope to start running all three soon, once I've finished learning them ("Any%" route is hell lol).

Finally could an admin add NintendoHardGamer's "Any%" and "Any% Glitchless" runs to the board manually? he's made it very clear he's not going to post any of his times here (read the comments of his 6:21 run if you wanna see his reasoning).

I even made the effort to retime his 2 PBs for ya : ^)

NintendoHardGamer's "Any% Glitchless" in 10:55.88

NintendoHardGamer's "Any%" in 6:21.34

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I'm writing this hoping to some points brought by @turnipp to be implemented.

1. Changing the category name "Any% w/ Glitches" to be just "Any%" because that's what "Any%" means.
2. Adding the NintendoHardGamer's Any% and Glitchless WR run to the leaderboard to track the record time more accurately. I submitted the Any% run but don't want my bad run to be displayed as "1st" in a leaderboard.


Submitting someone's run without his consent is a big no-no. Everyone (all 3 people) that plays AITD knows about NHG and his threads on SDA as far as I know anyway. Contact him first or let him do it himself. I think having them in the forums right here is a pretty good placeholder (anyone interested in the game is likely to come check here).

But yes, ''Any% With Glitches'' is silly as all hell, and the rules for Glitchless would need to be defined properly. Though in my opinion, NHG already defined the rules for Glitchless by running and posting his 10:56. I think going by his definition makes the most sense, considering he IS the AITD speedrunning community.

EDIT: seems like he does not want his runs posted here, judging from his comments. I myself have plenty of runs that I don't have on this website. I've only recently started posting the more obscure ones because it helps infuse some life into inactive games.

I could also name a bunch of high-profile runs/WRs that are not posted on this website out of principle, and when external people try to submit them it does not end well. So please respect his choice. Not everyone supports how operates and/or the centralization of leaderboards.

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I can understand where you're coming from, but has a feature that lets mods add times to the board without the needing for the runner to own an existing account. Even if it didn't have the video link, just having "Any% 6:21.34 by NHG" is better in my mind, 'cause people do find these games through this site (at least I do). I don't really see it as any different from making my own leader board in excel or google sheets which includes his run and the ones here and sharing it online (some games do this I believe...). I just see this as an accurate record keeping issue.

Adding "by the way NHG has this record" in our runs notes seems redundant when there is a site feature which is cleaner. It's not like someone's impersonating him, we all accept he has WR in glitchless and any% currently. so why not add his time to the board to reflect his standing in this "community"?

But don't get me wrong, I get what you're saying. I guess it just boils down to a problem of respecting the runners wish to avoid this site, or having a (in my mind) more complete history of the games time progression. Again I'm not saying we should disregard NHG's wishes, I just though I'd elaborate on my thinking and conclusions. At the end of the day it's not my call to make.

I hope he may post his times here himself someday (which would be the best outcome really), 'cause I honestly don't see them getting added here manually.


On another note. While I do think NHG defined the core rules for Glitchless, I have some questions about if certain parts should be considered Glitchless. To the best of my knowledge his 10:56 Glitchless run was an Any% run initially, until the discovery for OOB and a few other glitches. He then reclassified the video as Glitchless after-the-fact.

Some Glitchless categories also like to ensure that things that things that look glitchy should be banned. So I think we should decide going forward if manipulating/dodging the arrow is a glitch (2:57 in NHG's 10:56 video). I personally don't, but I'd hate to learn the trick and have a run invalided by the mods. (not to mention the animation cancels at 3:07 and 6:01)

Also one question not answered in NHG's run are tricks discovered after the run. For example in his 9:27 Any% run, he uses a trick to stop the Cthonian from killing him in the tunnels (at 4:28 in the video). I don't believe this is a glitch as all you are doing is standing in a certain spot where you can't be killed. I think this glitch could maybe lead to an improved route for Glitchless, but I haven't timed it so who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But anyway, that's kinda why I wanna see more defined rules for glitchless. I'd settle for a slight discussion though, as I kinda already can guess other runner's stance on glitchless (NHG's definition all the way kek). But I'd really like to see a mods thoughts, if they'd respond to this thread.


Correct. It's no one else's but NHG's call to make. As I said, there are plenty high profile world records not on this site. AITD1 is small potatoes.

And yeah I agree about mostly everything you're saying about what needs to be done for Glitchless rulings. It's just logistically difficult to do anything when no one really runs the game. I barely remember any of the specifics myself because I played for like 2 days.


Well I submitted a Glitchless run that does all of NHG's tricks (albeit poorly kek). So hopefully some light can be shed on the glitchless rules here.

For anyone reading this, who is interested, I tested using NHG's Cthonian skip to enter the caves from the cellar in a glitchless run. which allowed me to skip picking up the Old Cavalry Saber on floor 3 and also skip picking up the key to Jeremy's study on floor 2. However I forgot you need the lighter to relight the lantern in the caves. Even if the lantern didn't need to be lit to finish the game, doing the maze blind would suck X). So a bit of a bummer, but I thought I'd share to cap off some of the stuff I said above.