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First things first shouldn't "Any% With Glitches" just be "Any%"?

Next with "Any% Glitchless" at what point is a mechanic a glitch? My main question is related to cutscenes. When in a cutscene only nearby objects are loaded. meaning you can walk through doors, enemies, ect. This can be seen here where both an unloaded door and Nightgaunt are clipped through

Don't get me wrong, I think abusing unloaded objects in cutscenes shouldn't be allowed in "Any% Glitchless". I just feel this should be clarified.

I'd also like to see an "Any% No OOB" category, because there are cool clips that don't utterly break the game.
A list of OOB and Non OOB clips can be found here:

I know it's a bit dumb to ask for new categories when no one runs the current ones, but I hope to start running all three soon, once I've finished learning them ("Any%" route is hell lol).

Finally could an admin add NintendoHardGamer's "Any%" and "Any% Glitchless" runs to the board manually? he's made it very clear he's not going to post any of his times here (read the comments of his 6:21 run if you wanna see his reasoning).

I even made the effort to retime his 2 PBs for ya : ^)

NintendoHardGamer's "Any% Glitchless" in 10:55.88

NintendoHardGamer's "Any%" in 6:21.34

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I'm writing this hoping to some points brought by @turnipp to be implemented.

1. Changing the category name "Any% w/ Glitches" to be just "Any%" because that's what "Any%" means.
2. Adding the NintendoHardGamer's Any% and Glitchless WR run to the leaderboard to track the record time more accurately. I submitted the Any% run but don't want my bad run to be displayed as "1st" in a leaderboard.