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I’d think this would make for a more challenging run. Thoughts?


On the one hand, I get it, and I kind of like the idea. But on the other hand, only 4 of the 10 fastest 1char runs on the leaderboard were Eden runs, and the difference between the fastest Eden run (5:35 by karlomo) and the fastest non-Eden run (5:43 by BrainTM with Maggie) is only 8 seconds, which comes out to only 2.3% faster. Honestly Eden makes it easier to grind for good starts but it isn't like you can't get a good start without it. Basically, while it's easier to get a good run with Eden, a good run with any other character is still possible and just as good, it just is less likely to happen. So I gotta say I don't think they should open up a new category for this. But I mean you can always just use the #filter by character function on the LB to see how you stack up against other char runners.