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We now have a glitchless ruleset. You may find it in the guides here -


In AF2 we have glitchless categories for most things (except for IL's), and one thing I noticed is the severe lack of any documentation on what is and isn't considered a glitch in AF2.

Not many people run glitchless seriously, so this hasn't been a problem, but I do want to finally get this out of the way and define it properly for any future edge cases.

I've got a simple strawpoll setup with a list of different stuff, from things that some would definitely call glitches to things that seem to have no reason being in the list at all. It's probably not comprehensive so if there's anything missing please inform me here or via my Discord.

To vote simply click the tick next to a thing you consider a glitch. So that's ticks for glitches, no tick for non glitches. Eg: Corner clipping = Tick, Window skip = No tick.

If you do vote please write a response to this forum post detailing your reasons why for each thing you voted for, and why you thought the things you didn't vote for don't count as glitches. Once I have the permission of the other mods and community support I plan on finally releasing a list of all things we consider glitches, and we want to gather as much opinion from everyone in the community before we make any drastic decisions.

Thanks for your time.


Glitch definition:
An unintended mechanic causing an unintended result.


i wouldnt count any rng related things as a glitch because its something out of your control and it shouldnt suddenly make a glitchless run a glitched run


Glitch definition can vary depending on the game and mechanics.
I personally wouldn't call checkpoint triggering from weird spots (via placing only your arm through a wall)


My take is that glitchless runs should exploit oversights in the map, and not tricks that abuse the roblox physics engine. Trying to define what is a glitch via unintended methods is difficult as we cannot know the intent of Roblox, or of Explode1. We can guess sure, but when it comes to edge cases guessing just isn't good enough.


All tricks except Marble bounce pads are considered glitches, Marble bounce pads's maximum intended speed cannot be increased with glitches.


All of them? Including stuff like window skip?


Well, Kaiwala and Elims, i forgot to mention about the window skip and Spade skip before so windows skip is not a glitch because you can jump the windows bar then jump on the another side to save huge time and Spades's collision is a little bit small so you can do Spade skip to save time and Spade skip is not a glitch, oh i almost forgot i'm not filipe anymore, i'm oficially Bluely.


if we go based purely off the definition of a glitch then corner clipping, wall zipping, wall hopping, lag clipping, window skip, /e dance2 clips, checkpoint clipping and zen clipping are all glitches. I'm for banning all of these although since checkpoint clips are random I wouldn't punish someone who happens to clip oob due to luck as long as they don't take advantage of it. everything else from my knowledge is caused by intended mechanics therefore making them exploits. (on the fence about the water jump because that's random and a mess and idk how that works)


I would say that Checkpoint RNG Spawn can be approved if it is not intended to be in the run.


I would say that getting sub 50 minutes 36 star is a glitch