Mesal Gear 100% NG+ Guide

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This guide will assume basic understanding of both 100% and Any%, please read those first.

NG+ benefits from the croc cap if the previously loaded file had 100% completion. It grants infinite ammo.

100% (New Game +):

Fort Banana:
This entire room is (currently) on an unbeatable cycle that we want to take advantage of. Immediately go under the crate as you would, but turn right and dive 2-3 times towards a Y pipo. He will see you fairly quickly so PPK him asap. Climb the first 3 steps up then walk to the WB door. Blow it open and grab the PoW, then return. Be sure not to dive or the Y pipo will hear you and look towards the steps, triggering an alert.

Depending on how fast you were, a Y pipo will be closer or further, optimally, further is better but it doesn't matter, Break the wall, grab the PoW and then PPK him, swapping these if he is closer then the wall. At this point the unbeatable cycle reveals itself. The W pipo can and will see you if you PPK the red pipo on the up ramp so either dive directly to him for tags and return or simply wait for him to turn to the right. PPK the R pipo and nab the final PoW before shooting the button and making the railing jump to exit the level. Don't forget the W pipo tag if you skipped it.

If playing on difficult, its actually easier, and slightly faster, to do this room backwards. Start by placing a WB immediately after crawling out from under the crate and detonate it after a dive. PPK the Y pipo, grab the PoW and then go around the room counter clockwise. With the correct timing the Y pipo you PPKd at the start wont see you PPK the R pipo and the room will line up perfectly.

Snow Festival:
This room is also on a tight cycle. Dive left and knock out the Y pipo. The best way his tag could go is up right, but typically it goes towards the starting area. Grab the tag and run to the right around the camera and past the bridge. Dive over the railing and pit to land on the far side using a precise analog input; watch out for the W pipo as he can see you if you are running or jumping. Run under the camera and into the building, grabbing the PoW, and then return outside and PPK the W pipo for his tag. Quickly head left and be sure to jump over the concrete raised area as a R pipo will see you approaching and call in the alert. Its very hard to make it in time if Snake gets caught on the object. PPK him for his tag. Continue on and PPK the Y pipo, then break the right wall and grab both PoWs. Finally dodge the camera and expect to shoot the wall button by the R pipo. Finish the level by grabbing his tag and hitting the button, then exiting.

Mech Fight:
Play this fight as you normally would for the stun lock. Be certain you grab the tag from the monkey. He is immune to the kickflip for quite some time after the mech breaks.

Edo Town:
As normal, the tight cycle exists, however, because we need the tag, there is an alternative approach. Dive to the Y pipo as normal, then PPK him for the tag and it should land behind Snake. Grab it and dive to the lower section, then carefully dive under the front laser; This will set up the normal fast laser cycle. Climb the slope and head right. The W pipo should be directly infront of the door, so PPK him and place the bomb. Hitting the W pipo will wake him back up so be careful. Return to the left, dodging all the cameras and do a U turn to grab the R pipo at the top of the slope. Cut around the front of the pagoda and grab the Y pipo as he is turning right. Then dive around and up the pagoda as normal, attempting the railing skip, grabbing the R pipo if Snake dives over. Shoot the button as normal and nab the W pipo, then circle the room, breaking the 3 walls on the left, then grabbing the R pipo is he has a tag still, and the 2 walls in the back. Go up the pathway to the Y pipo, nab his tag, and dive over the path and into the exit.

UFO Boss:
Hail Mary those grenades. Shoot rockets if you must. Don't miss the tag.

Southern Resort:
In general, this level is as normal for 100%, however there is one significant change. After the 2nd machine is blown up, head up across the pier bridge and right to a PoW. Triggering the laser alert heading to the PoW is fine, but walking back you want to avoid it if possible, though it is RNG if the pipo monkeys follow you up. After this detour return as normal and finish the level.

Elephant Boss:
The only difference here is to hold forward for the first 5-6 PG and inch closer while throwing non-stop. Grab both R pipo tags and exit.

Wild West Town:
Play this level as normal, but cut out the death abuses from 100% NG. After crossing the bridge, head right, grabbing all the PoWs, then return left, grabbing that PoW, and finally return and nab the W pipo (if you havent yet), Y pipo, and final wall & PoW. Exit.

Mesal Gear/Ocelot:
Nothing special here. Normal strats, just dive up right immediately and go beat mesal gear. I find the best timing is to have Snake do a 360 between PG throws.

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