Mesal Gear 100% NG Guide

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General Info:

Before Reading this document, read the Any% up to Southern Resort. Or beyond as it has more details.

After knocking out a tag, these tags will always fly the direction the Pipo is facing; they take 1s to materialize.
You can dive onto your own WB to avoid being damaged by them & move minimal distance.

100% (New Game):

Fort Banana 1st visit:
There are 4 pipos in this room. No need to grab any of the tags on this visit if they fly away as a revisit is required.

Snow Festival 1st Visit:
There are 5 pipos in this room, but only 1 tag must be grabbed this visit. That tag is the Red pipo by the buttons. After knocking him out to cross the bridge and hitting the second button, be sure to grab his tag before diving over the railing.

Mech Boss 1st Visit:
Defeat Boss

Edo Town 1st Visit:
7 pipos in Edo Town, once again, no tags need picked up yet.

UFO Boss 1st Visit:
Defeat the Boss

Southern Resort 1st Visit:
Dive down the bridge to the watermelon Bombs (WB), then, turn around and dive back into the loading zone for Edo Town.

UFO Room 2nd Visit:
Nab the pipo tag and exit the room or just skip it for now.

Edo Town 2nd Visit:
The W Pipo will see you almost instantly, so head right and melee him for his tag, then turn around.
Directly west is a set of 3 cracked walls, rescue all prisoners and grab the WB on the bed.
Return and head to the R pipo in the middle, grabbing his tag and then the S Cracked wall.
Open both walls, grabbing prisoners, and grab the WB on the bed, then return to the slope up.
Make sure the R pipo isnt watching the slope. If he is Snake must walk up or he will be spotted.
On the upper walks, melee the Y pipo and grab his tag, then continue up and head right outside.
Jump over the side of the ramp; a Y pipo is either at the extreme SE or on the path back.
With a precise jump, it is possible to launch over the railing and land directly in front of the W pipo.
After stunning W pipo, place a WB by the cracked wall, nab the tag and prisoner and return south.
Be careful when returning as the W pipo will wake up and spot you a second time if you are slow.
You will have to deal w/ the camera and lasers all semi-blind. Take the right side to go under the final laser.
Ignore the Y pipo and exit the room. Do not trigger an alert.
Pass through the loading zone to Snow Festival & Mech Boss.

Mech Room 2nd Visit:
Dive through the room, nab the pipo tag if desired, and exit through the south load zone.

Snow Festival 2nd Visit:
Dive directly south through the WB and stun the W pipo, grabbing his tag and dodging the camera.
Dive south avoiding another camera to get inside and blow a cracked wall open.
Grab the WB inside and then exit, going under the camera and to the ravine.
Dive S towards where the railing meets the mountain and you should dive over.
If you dive W-S you will slide along the railing into the ravine and re-spawn.
Alternatively, after exiting the room, shoot the W pipo in the head and take the bridge.
If the W pipo sees you dive for him asap and knock him out, Death Abuse if alert.
If a Game Over happens, Snake will be up by 1 WB; remember this information.
If you miss the jump or get seen, dive forward and left to avoid the W pipo.
A cue is to line up w/ the corner of the front box on the left side and dive across.
Avoid the camera and then exit south to Fort Banana. Do not grab the Y pipo tag.

Fort Banana 2nd Visit:
Head SE and deal w/ W pipo as needed and then the south Y pipo for his tag.
Climb up the steps and head to the cracked wall, grabbing the WB inside.
Be sure to hurt yourself on this WB when it explodes, so that it knocks Snake into the room.
Dive back into the main area (not the starting area) and head west.
Ignore the Y pipo and blow the W cracked wall for some WB and a prisoner.
Again, be sure to damage yourself and knock Snake into the room.
Exit, knock out both pipos, collecting both tags, and head up the ramp.
Blow the final cracked wall here damaging Snake again if needed.
After collecting the final prisoner, death abuse. Then dive north to exit.

Snow Festival 3rd Visit:
Grab the Y pipo tag and go under the camera. There should be zero risk of alert.
Grab both the upper R and Y pipo tags if you haven't already & head across.
Once past the upper gap, blow the cracked wall, dive down and exit north.
Careful if you dive down from the raised bridge, the R pipo can see you and call an alert.

Mech Room 3rd Visit:
Dive across like no monk dived before. Tag also.

Edo Town 3rd Visit:
Collect the box, then PPK the Y pipo for his tag. Dive to the lower path and up under the lasers.
You cannot cut the outside cameras on this cycle so take the middle path.
When inside, head down to be parallel to the door on the upper catwalk.
Once lined up w/ the exit loading zone dive over and exit north.
Alternatively attempt the railing dive mentioned in the Any% run a 2nd time.

UFO Room 3rd Visit:
Cookie to the right if needed, else dive across like no monk dived before. Tag.

Southern Resort 2nd Visit:
Grab the WB ahead and head right. Stun the Y pipo for his tag and don't worry about alerts.
Break a cracked wall all the way right, grab the prisoner, turn around and head back.
Be sure to grab the pipo tag while heading to the far left side of the beach if you didn't yet.
On the far left is a second cracked wall to be blown open. Return to the laser.
Head up the ramp, triggering and alert on the laser or camera if possible.
Stun both the R and the Y pipos for their tags (3) and then head to the NW corner of the hut.
Place a WB and detonate it; if placed correctly, you will see bits of metal scrap.
Head north then west to the left hut and place a WB against the SE wall (not corner).
Return to the middle and grab some WBs the cameras are watching, the continue east.
Head east to the right (not south-east) hut and place a WB on the SW wall.
Continue north to the north-east hut and place a WB on the SW wall (not corner).
Dive across bridge through WB but don't touch the laser at the end (you may be above it).

Elephant Boss 1st Visit:
Defeat the Boss, then exit south.

Summer Resort 3rd Visit:
Cut south ignoring any alerts etc and then begin diving west.
Continue west until you stumble upon a cracked wall. Break it.
Grab the prisoner and death abuse to reset the level. Dive north.

Elephant Boss 2nd Visit:
Grab the two R pipos walking around on the left side and exit.

Wild West Town 1st Visit:
Dive forward, knocking out the Y pipo for his tag.
Check your WB count. This will determine what needs grabbed.
If Snake has 0-2 grab the WB on the bench to the upper right (7s).
Grab the R pipo tag and continue left to a Y pipo for his tag.
Around the building is another R pipo you need for a tag.
Dive across the breakable bridge and up the slope.
Stun the Y pipo for his tag and grab it, then break the wall above.
Grab the prisoner and make sure to nab the WB on the toilet for 5+.
Exit the stage through the north loading zone.

Torture Room:
Trigger the cutscene and grab 1-2 cookies depending on HP and all 5 PGs in the room.

Wild West Town 2nd Visit:
Immediately begin diving S and W, diving over both cliffs. Head left.
If Snake triggered an alert, the Y pipo is at the very top of the slope.
Blow up this cracked wall, then a second one inside, and grab the prisoner.
Make sure not to be seen by the camera exiting or entering the room.
Continue right, dealing with a W pipo, to another cracked wall. Open it.
Continue along breaking every wall and freeing every prisoner.
After breaking the wall guarded by the camera, check Snake's WB count.
If for some reason Snake has 0 WB, there is an extra set of 3 under the bed (5s).
Grab the final prisoner and exit the room, death abusing over the cliff.
Dive north to enter the load zone for Mesal Gear.

Refer to the Any% guide for the end game bosses.

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