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So i kinda wanted to start running the game, 100% in particular, but there's a few things that aren't discussed in the rules and since the only ru has no video I can use that as an example.
I see emulator isn't banned, if possible I'd prefer running emulator because I don't really have a decent setup to record of a console right now, is any emulator accepted or is there anything I should know regarding emulator runs on this leaderboard before I start submitting runs that won't be accepted?
Can I use the mission simulator at all?
That one is important considering the route would see fairly major changes depending on it (mainly starting by going through hard mode first instead of normal and obviously not being able to use superplanes to go through the other difficulties).
Can I use the hidden weapon select? (press start + a facebutton until the mission starts while in the mission simulator)
It doesn't matter much to me but the run is faster if I can use it (regular missiles on superplanes and access to O.S.L before completing hard mode) so I'd like to be sure.
Is a blank memory card required for 100%?
I'd assume so but having a 100% save on the memory card before starting if it was allowed it would be faster (not having to play Normal to unlock the mission simulator and not having to play hard to unlock the O.S.L) so I just want to be sure.


Hello ! Sorry for the very late reply ! I'm not active at all

So very interesting questions you got there.

Regarding my submission, I used the regular ePSXe 1.9 (I think... it's been so long) I couldn't have the video because either my stream died or I ended it after seeing too much frame drops.

During the run :
Mission simulator is allowed
As you said, saving the game will allow you to play on others difficulties
Superplanes are able to be used when unlocked (check my 100% guide)
O.S.L. is allowed when unlocked
About the hidden weapon. I really didn't know about it. I don't think I'll allow that.

So you can use any emulator as long as it does not affect the gameplay and save states are forbidden.

Hope I've awnsered all of your questions !

Lastly : My time is really bad and is beaten easily by atleast 30 minutes to 1 hour if I remember correctly