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I'm not sure if you guys have looked into any way to bypass desynchronising after going too far out of bounds, or if such a way is even useful in the run; I have found that, whenever we go past the white barriers to an unavailable area, the game continually checks the minimum distance from a white barrier and determines if we should be desynchronised only from whether we are on the OOB side of that particular barrier, ignoring whether we are on the OOB side of all other barriers.

To see this, I noticed while doing sequence 2 (when the Vatican is still unavailable) that we can actually go outside the barriers that cut off the Vatican in one spot where there's another barrier delimiting the end of the map. Since these two barriers are close enough and orthogonal, we can safely reach the eastern part of Castel Sant'Angelo as long as we are closer to the barrier that delimits the map, than to the barrier that cuts off the Vatican. However, whenever we get closer to the Vatican cut-off, we die immediately.

I am not sure if you guys can apply this exploit to the run in any way: feel free to look into it. All you need is two white barriers, close enough to each other, such that the safe area of one is in the unavailable area of the other.

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Thank you for runners man !


I thought a video might be more efficient than an explanation in words:

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Nice find! Just looking at it, I doubt this can be useful in a run because of the way the game progresses with memories in sequences, so I don't think getting in an area early will do anything. Regardless of its usefulness, finding glitches in this game is great to see. Who knows, I might be wrong and it could be useful in the future once we find other glitches.

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