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Since there are no Segmented Any% runs submitted, does that mean that the first person to submit might set the pace and rules?

I ask primarily because a previous post thought the Segments might be cut at load, and while I agree with that, I'm curious if it might make more sense to do it from Replay Memory. That way, a Segment could begin at the button press to reload the Memory and then end when you're booted back out of the Memory.

Currently the category has no rules, so is this "no man's land"?


Hello, no it is not : the rule is that you have to start a new game and remake a segment with the previous auto save you've made with the previous segment. What we have to do is making a segment from an autosave to a next one and redo it until you are happy with this segment. The thing is if you put all segments together back to back, the video needs to be perfectly the same if you were doing it in a single segment run. I'm already making a console segmented any% (will do a 100% later) and I believe an other person is doing the PC segmented. And I'm pretty sure when Ectortutu will come back on the game, He will improve his own segmented runs as well.