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Hello fellow bugstompers. I couldn't find any information about there being any notable gameplay differences between PC releases, but checking out the current PC WR clip from Jumpyluff ( and comparing it to my copy, it seems like there are at least a few.

I have a PC-CD copy of a finnish-audio dub for the game (prob. based on a UK release) for Win95. Thus far I have noticed the following differences:

Missing a fixed seed in Canyon:
My game (no seed): https:/​/​imgur.​com/​GdFPCzD
Jumpyluff (seed present): https:/​/​imgur.​com/​2NU7dzU

Different fixed seed in City Square:
My game (normal seed): https:/​/​imgur.​com/​HZUEZSo
Jumpyluff (fixed propeller seed): https:/​/​imgur.​com/​jvKTLL2

These do affect some of the routes one can take when speedrunning. I'm not sure if this is any new knowledge (please let me know if there is a comprehensive list of version differences), but just something I found interesting.

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Very interesting. Could you send me the game through Discord? I have datamined this game and understand the code enough to document the differences. Stuff like this fascinates me.


He called us bugstompers. I like him already.