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What controller do you guys use with the pc version?

I run the GOG version which is identical to the Steam version.

I have an official 360 pad and an afterglow 360 pad, both are wired, the shoulder buttons (LT/RT) do not register within the game as far as I can tell its because they are on the same axis and expect Xinput built into a game to tell it how to use the buttons properly.

I got xpadder and registered both buttons to keyboard presses ( V and B ) but when configuring the "Controller" setting in game you cannot register a keyboard button as an input.

I'd like to know if I'm missing an option that could emulate LT/RT as separate buttons or if I need a Dinput controller instead.

I'd really appreciate any help I could get as I'm stuck practicing on an emulator on the PS1 version but would obviously prefer to practice on the PC version that I plan to run on.

Thank you if you take time out to help me out.


I now use a DualShock 4 controller, I used to use the Dualshock 3 but now Motionjoy doesn't work anymore. Xbox 360 controllers work also with both Abe games.


The triggers just arent detected on my xbox 360 or afterglow controllers, I've googled up and down and I'm not the only person having that problem, when you tried the xbox 360 pad did it work without using other software?


Am i the only person using a keyboard these days? xD

also jammcg90

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I think you might be Tweak, I've tried and tried and just can't do it, mostly because of gamespeak tbh.


I use this controller for Abe's Exoddus and map it using Xpadder for a near flawless setup.

It's cheap and will work nicely with many other emulated PS1 games.


I only just ordered this recently http:/​/​www.​thrustmaster.​com/​products/​gpx
So it's gonna be the one i'll be using for all my games that feel better played with a gamepad rather than a keyboard