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Hi all,

As you may know, AAC is now on Xbox One / Xbox One X. This version has a few differences from the current Steam version, including:

-> Androids other than Starch and Shiitake have received buffs.
-> Infinity Drive Layer 37 has an easier layout.
-> The Liquorice boss in 5-4 Collider moves slower, making her easier to defeat (unintentional behavior)

As a result, most categories on the Xbone version will be a bit faster/easier than the current Steam version. The Xbone version will probably be patched again in the future to fix slow Liquorice. The Steam version is expected to receive a patch to bring it in line with Xbone, but we don't know when.

In order to keep things fair, if anyone would like to run on Xbone this is probably how the categories will be handled:

-> Starch or Shiitake Boss Rush: Exactly the same as PC, so no changes are necessary.
-> Boss Rush w/ other androids: A separate subcategory will be created for now, and then will be merged in when PC reaches patch parity.
-> Campaign/Any%: A subcategory will be created but your run will be invalidated if slow Liquorice is patched out (which is very likely). This is to ensure that future runners are not disadvantaged by playing on a harder patch. For this reason I suggest not running Campaign or Any% for the time being!
-> Other: handled on a case by case basis, get in contact with me if you'd like to run another category.

As far as I know, since the PS4 version is one patch behind PC, both Campaign and Boss Rush are slightly slower (since it does not have the Medulla nerf that PC has).

Reply to this thread if you have any questions or concerns about running on console.