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After finding several new tricks, I decided to make an automated run to see what is now the absolute minimum possible time.

Several notes:
• Everything you see in this TAS is possible to do by a human. Some tricks require you to press or hold 3 or more arrow keys (at the same time), so they require some practice. I might do a guide for advanced movement/tricks if there is an interest.
• Almost all tricks here use the "mini-pirate" glitch in some variations. When in mini-pirate state, you can enter any crate from the side, and also do a big jump outside of crates.
• Level 12 route (left chest first) is probably the hardest trick to go for, I didn't manage to find any way to do this consistently.
• The start of level 15 in the TAS takes exactly the same time as an optimal regular route (put down the fire, jump to the right crate and go to left chest). I mainly did that trick in the TAS to show off.

Final times (in terms of milliseconds by counting frames):
Level 1 - 1.666
Level 2 - 2.283
Level 3 - 1.733
Level 4 - 2.583
Level 5 - 2.95
Level 6 - 2.35
Level 7 - 2.966
Level 8 - 4.3
Level 9 - 4.25
Level 10 - 2.566
Level 11 - 4.466
Level 12 - 3.4
Level 13 - 2.3
Level 14 - 6.9
Level 15 - 4.683

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