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Since PS2 version has an extra Level on Story Mode, wouldn't be better to have different boards for each platform?


I've been trying to contact Crisco for some time to discuss with you guys about a better approach on the boards by splitting PSP and PS2 versions in 2 different boards

As you can see in this video:


PSP and PS2 have major differences

The item placement, Damage and speed is quite different

But the biggest difference is that PS2 Version has an entire extra level, TRANSYLVANIA

Which automatically makes ALL PS2 runs longer than PSP runs. So it is quite obvious that both versions should have different boards for each console =P


I'm not opposed to separating versions, especially if the differences are as pronounced as you say.

Also, if you ever wanna get in touch with me: we're both in the same Twisted Metal discord and I stream on Twitch every day. You can find me at either of those places if you like. I'm always around 🙂

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@CriscoWild Thanks! I had some runs waiting to be uploaded but I was waiting until we all could figure this about the board.
Btw, I never said you were opposed to organize the boards. I just couldn't find you because I don't have Discord or Twitch ><'

@JayTheIdiot also told me only the super mod could modify boards but @Liv told me that as a matter of fact any mod can do it (we both didn't know til then) but by the point we knew you already came here, so =)

Thank You. Btw, how did you manage to split boards without deleting them? I mod some games myself, I didn't know it was possible Oo


You can edit the run submission to go in a different category for the same game, but not into a different game. By making PS2 and PSP separate categories, you can just edit the run to fall into the right category. If they were made into 2 different games, then there's not really any easy ways to do it.

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