Barker Skip

Skips the long cutscene at the start of The Ark, gets you to where you need to be to practice barker. (direct download)

By Zanee

Fast Any% Saves + Custom.cfg

Includes all necessary save files to run Fast Any%, as well as a custom.cfg, an installation guide, and description of the rules. Version 1.3 (6 May, 2019) (direct download)

By BryonatoBryonato

Helmet/New Game Reset

Spawns you at the very end of the game before the credits cutscene. Quitting to menu after waiting for about 5 seconds unlocks all the levels. Useful for resetting helmets during All Helmets practice, or unlocking all the levels after accidentally starting a new game. (direct download)

By BryonatoBryonato


Skips both starting cutscenes on BT-7274: (direct download)

By Zanee


Skips long cutscene at the beginning of "The Fold Weapon" level. (direct download)

By Zanee

Super Fastball

Brings you to the beacon 3 throw with moon boots and Ronin in loadout (direct download)

By Zanee


Titanfall 2 Any% Template

Fresh, ready to run splits, all levels included (direct download)

By Zanee


Mandarin Sound Files

Includes all sound files needed to run the game in Mandarin + an installation guide. (external link)

By BryonatoBryonato