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I got 3. Walking Dead season 1, ending. Nuff said.

But the other two were tears of joy. Next one was Mass Effect 3. I think the reason so many people despised the ending so much was because the rest of the game was of such sublime quality. First time playing, I achieved peace in the Quarian/Geth war, and between Legion's sacrifice and the Geth giants making friends with the Quarian generals, and Tali having a new home....yeah, I bawled pretty freely.

And then of all things, Tales from the Borderlands made the salty stuff come from my eyes too. Again it was the very ending -- because it was just ¤such¤ a perfect place to leave the story, to leave characters I'd grown very attached to. I could ask nothing more from the series and actually wanted nothing more. The entire last episode was unbelievable and they ended it perfectly. You never see that.

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When i was a child between 8 and 10 years old the game terranigma made me cry because of the scene with the goats. i was so sad about 🙁
And the ( i think it was the secret one) ending of Final Fantasy 15 when they sit in their camp at the bonfire and talk, made me shed some tears too.

I knew the ending of Walking dead before i played it by myself -.- maybe thats the reason why i dont cry at it.
but Tales from the Borderlands catched me too 😃 a very perfect game!

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When Dom died in Gears of War I'll admit that got me teary eyed especially with the Mad World song

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FFX ending got me a little teary eyed when I first beat years ago.


Ethan dying in Infinite Warfare. Mainly CoD Games have that element in all their games to make you cry a bit.


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Xenoblade Chronicles had that one part in Colony 9 that nearly had me in tears.

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Pretty much anything slightly sad makes me cry, so yeah, here's a small portion of those games that made me cry already:

Disgaea - "Under the Moon" (Red Moon Scene)
Disgaea 2 - the bad ending
FFX & FFXIII-2 Endings (funny enough I didn't care in FF7)
Fairy Bloom Freesia Ending
Dota 2/LoL & Paragon (words can hurt :C)
Phantom Brave - The Fucking intro sacrifice
Skullgirls - pretty much every ending
Shadow of the Colossus - Parts of the ending
Shadow the Hedgehog - MARIA!
Kingdom Hearts - CoM, RE:Coded Ending, 358/2 Days Ending, Birth By Sleep


Oh god how could I forget about the kingdom hearts 358/2 days ending

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Kingdom Hearts 2 when Axel died.

I remember bawling my god damn eyes out as a kid.

Dark Cloud when Goro's dad came to him in a vision. The line "I hate you, Pa!" gets me every time

Skip to about 4:50

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FF15 got me, people say the ending is garbage but for me it hit and it hit hard. I didn't cry per say but I got choked up and eyes wanted to water, still in my opinion a great game.

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@Krymson, the point of this post was to give people your game choice(s) that made you cry.. not water up. Tears running down your face like you got dumped by your gf/bf after 1 week of dating, yeah that kind of crying.

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I agree with Drako. Undertale made me cry like a little girl

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First time I played NieR , every time after that when I skip cutscenes during the runs, every time I think about thinking about it.
FF Crisis Core pretty much through out the cutscenes and end.
Probably allot more but those after the tops.


Xenoblade Chronicles had a couple parts where I cried (a certain scene in Colony 9, for example).


I'm convinced anyone who didn't cry during To The Moon is a monster.

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Didn't cry during that game @Klashik but It was sad. and enjoyable.


Does it necessarily have to be tears of sadness?

The final cutscene after you beat Master Greevil in Pokemon Xd Gale of Darkness makes me want to cry a little bit. When Eldes intervenes... The situation combined with the music and dialogue is pretty good.


I don't remember all my history in video gaming but as far as I can recollect at the moment, probably no. I've never cried during the playthrough watching a certain series of cutscenes or by the sudden accidents happened while playing the main game, but that was rather some of the stunning soundtracks in the games I've played that almost moved me to tears. (the ending music in Resident Evil 2 / 3 when I was playing the game at age of around 10, for instance) only cutscenes that stirred up my heart was the sad endings of the scenario "Decisions and Decisions" in Resident Evil Outbreak File 1, but other than that basically no. (I found some of the cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4 touching, but I didn't get the gist of them since I'd never played any of the other games of the series but 4.)

I don't play video games that much so can't tell exactly, but from my gaming experience it seemed like some games have got nice music that can get people's hearts.