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Hello my friends ( you are all my friends ).

By exploring the profile of several members, I found some where it was indicated that they were banned.

Here are some of them: PANICOREPT, Racingmonster, Kairi, Pixql, Zer0z, NekohDot, snes_fanatic, retro, HassenZero, frathebest, hocinehocine, TheGamerLand.

I do not necessarily want to know the exact reason for their banishment, but rather what acts committed might risk a ban. For example: submit a speedrun with a much lower time than video proof ... I don't know, it's a site focused on speedrunning.
Sometimes it's for being a scam or threatening site admins.

Idk if that applies for all the cases above.

Honest accidentally mistakes don't get you banned.
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The #1 reason is being a massive idiot, and I'm not saying that facetiously.

As long as you have some brain cells to rub together and know how to behave like a normal human being around others, you won't get banned.
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Like I've said, it's not appropriate to talk about banned users on the forums. However, I'll try to give a list of why these people were banned.

PANICOREPT - Got accused of cheating, started a thread to prove his innocence, ended up being exposed for actually cheating.
Racingmonster - Multiple reasons.
Kairi - I don't know.
Pixql - Insulting people in the Final Fantasy XV forum.
Zer0z - Being an overall jackass to multiple members and the site mods/admins, probably also associated with TheGamerLand if I remember correctly.
NekohDot - I'm not sure, I think they were associated with TheGamerLand.
snes_fanatic - Being rude to users/mods, calling people assholes, trying to be mod of "anything".
retro - Acquired a super mod's password, logged into his account and then nuked the entire leaderboard for an extended period of time. Also cheated I think.
HassenZero - Ban evasion of hocinehocine's account.
frathebest - Spamming the forums with requests to get their game approved.
hocinehocine - Kept submitting game requests without entering the proper title and capitalization, then whined on the forums about not being able to submit more games.
TheGamerLand - Threating to ddos people, MULTIPLE Ban Evasions, Threatening mods, etc.
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Maybe not talking about users specifically, but having a baseline for what does and does not result in a ban should be a safe question to ask.
Yeah just don't do what those guys did and you won't get banned.


I do not necessarily want to know the exact reason for their banishment, but rather what acts committed might risk a ban.

I didn't see that part of your post. Sorry. But yeah the more you know I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Rule #1: Don't be an idiot.
Rule #2: Don't get banned.

Following Rule #1 will help you a lot in following Rule #2.
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It's really, really hard to get banned from All of those people were given numerous chances to stop doing what they were doing, and they all declined to stop being dicks/idiots.

You might screw up at some point. If an admin tells you're being a dick and to stop doing what you're doing, just stop. If you do, you'll be fine. No one likes to ban anyone, so if you do make a mistake and do something you shouldn't, you'll be given ample opportunity to correct yourself.
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Use common sense.

As long as you're aren't a totally oblivious dumbass, or looking to get banned, you won't get banned.
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I mean I've called the mere concept of using IDs rather than clear names in the API stupid, which to whoever designed that part probably was kinda hurtful and I'm not banned yet. I did eventually choose to just leave an idea (in form of an Issue on github) for a future improvement, after someone mentioned that my questions and such were seen as whining. If even someone as incompetent at interacting as me can avoid a ban, it must be really frickin' hard to get banned, while not trying to.
Signed, someone who got banned in multiple twitch chats for being a drama queen LUL
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I love receiving a good answer. thanks.
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Basically, the same rules as my stream. Rule 1: Don't be a dick. Rule 2: Please don't be a dick. Rule 3: For all that is holy, don't be a dick. Any questions? Just don't do anything stupid like threatening to kill someone. Things like submitting an invalid run, no big deal. Your run will just be rejected. Glad to have you on! Remember it's about having fun not being the best.

(But at the end of the day, it's about being the best!) >:)
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  [user deleted]

@chryoyo I totally agree with you! This is about having fun! Speedrunning is fun because you're going fast, right? (I'm assuming that's one of the reasons).

The stupidest things are threatening to kill someone over a game... I agree with that too...


Sometimes a like should speak for itself.

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What is the necroposting ?


@LOLMAN-0027 Necroposting is where you make a reply to a thread that is dead or just really old


@LOLMAN-0027 Reviving old, already completed threads with "useless" posts.

Here's a better explanation on urban dictionary:


The necroposting could be a good thing.


Don't talk about Speedrun Club.

Nah, just messing there. ?
Though in all seriousness there are some things that are probably best left out, such as politics and other topics where discussion can turn ugly. And showing decent human traits without seeking to be a prick for the sake of it doesn't hurt.

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