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Hello anyone who happens so stop by! My name is XanderRobotnik and I am one of the few runners of Super Princess Peach at the moment. If anyone is interested in running this game I wanted to offer help. I know it can be tough to just start running a game on your own especially if the community is practically nonexistent. Feel free to contact me here or through my Twitch account and perhaps we can get started working together to optimize this unique speed game and grow this community. 🙂

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I didn't know people were starting to run this game. I wanted to, but I didn't see a point if no one else was. I'll probably start finding out runs now. The TAS has always been my reference, but bow I have actual people to use (^ ^)


Im highly considering running this game, as it was a game that stook out to me in a good way when I was younger, Now I have a few questions if you don't mind?

1. Is emulator allowed?
I cant really capture my DS very well, but I've been thinking about which I prefer.

2. What is the learning curve?
This might be a dumb question to ask, but if any insight that'd be great as it gives me a better Idea how I want to start. If so any specific tricks or things that i need to know? I havent watched your run yet, but I will very soon.

3. Easier communication
Would it be okay if someone made a Discor server or something? Atleast so info, and help, and communication can just get around quicker and easier, as some people dont check srcom a crazy ton.

4. Is there anything exclusive to other regions or any clarification on differences at all?

Thanks in Advance!

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Hey loz,

It's great to see interest in this game growing a bit! To address your questions here are my best answers:

1. I am not sure if emulator is allowed. There has been no testing if loading times, glitches, etc. are different between console and emulator. At the very least emulator can be useful for practice before deciding whether or not you want to purchase the game. Personally, I do not have a DS capture card at the moment, so I just use a camera to record my gameplay. It's not ideal, but it certainly gets the job done.

2. Currently this game is definitely not hard to get into. To my knowledge, I am the only active runner, and that is at most on a weekly basis. So if you started now you could be a big part in trying to optimize this game. SPP has minimal significant RNG and can be quite forgiving. As for tricks, there are some notable movement tricks to be aware of. For example, the fastest horizontal movement is gained from sliding down slopes. If you jump off slopes while sliding you keep the slope momentum. Plus, if you bounce off an enemy or jump as soon as you land you will maintain most, if not all the momentum from the slope. Also, the second fastest movement is when you use the gloom vibe. However that depletes your vibe gauge. Interestingly, though, whenever you are in the air when using the gloom vibe your vibe gauge depletes slower. So whenever possible you should keep hopping whenever using gloom. Beyond these tricks I think the best source for now would be my ADGQ submission, which I have as a highlight on my twitch channel.

3. I can make a Discord server for Super Princess Peach. In fact, here I just made it: 🙂 Thanks for the great idea.

4. I have only played on the USA version, so I am unaware of any version differences at the moment. Text should not be an issue though since all cutscenes are skippable. There could always be different loading times though. Testing may have to be done eventually.

Hopefully that answered your questions thoroughly enough. Sorry for the lengthy response. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hope to see you do some practice or runs soon!



Hello, new player here. I am comsidering running this game in a few months and I am wondering some things:
What are some big speedrunning tricks for this game?
How much time is there to save on this game?
If you respond, thanks!


Hey J_duude!

It's great to see more people showing interest in this game. I hope you choose to run SPP when you get the chance. To answer your questions:

1. Regarding big tricks for this game,there is currently nothing game breaking (that is not to say major glitches/skips will not be found in the future). Currently, tricks in this game boil down to optimizing movement by knowing when to use and conserve vibe as well as use certain abilities to maximize speed such as sliding down slopes and jumping to maintain momentum (I elaborated on this a little earlier on my previous post in this thread).

2. As for time to save, at the moment my PB/WR is over 6 minutes behind my sum of best, so there is at least that much time to save. However, there has not been any rigorous routing for this game yet (and personally I do not do a lot of practice outside full runs) so there could be a significant amount of time save beyond that as well.

Hope that answers your questions, and feel free to ask more. If anyone else in the community would like to add anything feel free. Hope to see you running this in the future!


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Hey, I'm planning to try to pick this up in April, is it okay if I run on emulator for the time being? I don't mind if it doesn't show up on the leaderboard, I just want to know if emu is allowed. It's temporary until I obtain DS capture tools, which I'll be saving up for in the future.


There's nothing to our knowledge suggesting emulator has an unfair advantage for the time being so I don't think it's a problem submitting emulator runs. However, the extensive use of the touch screen can make emulator a little interesting, but I'd still recommend trying it for now.

Also, feel free to join our discord server (link in resources). We're all friendly and helpful as questions arise while working on the game. You know what that say, the more the merrier.

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@XanderRobotnik If you edit the game, you can add the Discord there so it'll show up in the sidebar as well.


Thanks for the info. Just updated the game to have the discord in the sidebar. Yay convenience!