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Note: I am not the most talented person to talk about this, but nobody else will.

Level 1: Great, maybe 40ms loss against perfect.

Level 2: Great, got speed glitch first time.

Level 3: Okay, messed up speed glitch once and hit the bullet bill blaster, about 3-6 seconds save (7:18 about)

Level 4: Good, but didn't get speed glitch first try, 4-7 second save (7:11 about)

Level 5: Okay, messed up speed glitch a few times, 9-10 second save (7:02 about)

Level 6: Great, No real mess up here.

Level 7: Okay, no speed glitch, 10-30 second save (6:42 about)

Level 8: Okay, no speed glitch 10-30 second save (6:22 about)

Level 9: Okay, messed up speed glitch a couple times, 14-16 second save (6:07 about)

Koopa Castle: Good, but you didnt do my clip to save time (im calling it mushroom clip now lol) About 10 seconds save with mushroom clip, about 7 seconds without (messed speed glitch up a bit) (sub 5 possible, 6 minute is also possible without mushroom clip.)


Please tell me if its impossible to get speed glitch on level 7 or 8


Speed glitch in level 7 and 8 is possible just watch the wr il runs that contain glitches. I don't know alot about performing speed glitches fast but sub 5 seems unlikely , i would say sub 7 is definitely possible maybe sub 6, but sub 5 is just pushing it, I know there are probably a lot of unknown strats/timesaves out there for they get discovered all the time, but let's be realistic


I was to lazy to check I was on mobile at like 12 pm lol