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Hello Everyone,

I would like participate in more online marathons this year so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a usb capture card.

Specifically, I would like to use this for my PS4, and when I purchase in the next coming month that also. My Budget is a little over 100 usd, but if the El gato is really what people reccomend I will purchase that. However it is currently more expensive in japan. ( That is expensive right?

I did a large amount of research before but many people are using for different reasons or 1 or 2 people complain on the amazon page. I just wanted to hear from this community before I purchase. What do you use? What do you reccomend after reading above?

Looking forward to reading and replying to responses. Please help!


A lot of HDMI USB capture devices can introduce a few seconds delay to the capture. This usually isn’t a problem unless you’re trying to play off the captured feed at which point this makes it almost impossible.

As for price, $100 wont get you anything decent, you’ll need around $180 to get something that functions well with minimal delay. The Elgato HD60s is a good example of that, and I would recommend it if USB capture is your goal and you don’t want to shell out more than that. I don’t know the yen to USD conversion rate off the top of my head so I don’t know how that JP price compares.

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Great Points Timmiluvs.

I will not be playing off the capture feed. Something with minimal delay and easy to set up with obs is always best.

200 USD would be my max.

Do you use the El gato as well?


I do not, however I have plenty of friends who use it and they have had positive reviews for it. So, based on their feedback I’d say it’s pretty good.

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I use the Elgato HD (not the HD60)
I love the capture card, I am using it for around 5 years now!

The only problem I have, is that it has a terrible delay on your PC. (~1.4 seconds)
So you have to sync your voice on your stream and also delay the timer you are using.

HD60s/HD60 pro has instant gameview if I am correct and the HD/HD60 has a delay.. but I am not entirely sure.
This is my experience with the Elgato HD tho

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If you can afford it and have space in your rig I def recommend the HD60Pro. I picked mine up for £120 and it's solid. The instant gameview works perfectly and I haven't had issues with it.

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