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I've noticed some streamers like Abney have used a colour key on LiveSplit to make it blend with their background. I'd like to do this too, but I can't find settings that work without making the text look awful. Can anyone recommend some good settings to use?
I would, but I just got to work and can't pull up OBS. =( In general, you use window capture on LiveSplit, then you add a filter. Add filter Chromakey.

Then you need to edit your layout in LiveSplit to have a solid background (I use black, but green works best). Then you mess with the text in the layout settings in LiveSplit to make the test look however you want. Sometimes you might have to fiddle with colors; exp. I had to make my big timer (and no other text) slightly mint-colored for it to not disappear in Chromakey.

With the Chromakey filter in OBS, set the color to the background color, and you have to alter the settings a bit to get to look better, namely by sharpening it so it's look more and more specifically for your background color. (Like I said, not at home, so I can't remember the names of the correct sliders, but the filter should show you how it looks as you as playing around with it if you have LiveSplit open in a window capture).

Can probably give a bit more advice later on if you are still needing it.
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