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New HDPVR2 with OBS randomly stops working with FDS PS2, PS2 likes to freeze, please helpBregermann
New Output mic to stream but not local recording (OBS)emeraldaly
New how do i play a game on both my tv and my capture card at the same time?ActuallyImJerome
New Updates, News, and AnnouncementsShinobi
New Kbs went from above 500 straight to 0-30RPGGPR
New Streaming Ps4 with OBS without Remote PlayDeSa3579
New How do you capture older console likes ps1, gamecube or even nes?NekosBlog
New How much frame percentage can drop on OBS before stream lags?RPGGPR
New Problem with my stream time showing as 16 hours when it is really 51 minutes..RPGGPR
New GoPro Stream / PerplexusNihilistComedyHour
New Good first game to stream?RPGGPR
New Are some games banned on emulators if not speedrunning?RPGGPR
New None of my USB Ports Are WorkingMartintaylor
New best composite capture card for macDingiestChimp
New (Weird?) Switch capture setup leading to audio issuesCorundumCore
New Why are some specific emulators allowed and others are not?RPGGPR
New Capture card or capture device?RPGGPR
New elgato HD av cable cord?DarQ_Massacres
New Is there a way to record undocked Switch footage?JayJane4
New LiveSplit Colour/Chroma KeyRibShark
New Elgato Game Capture HD timings with OBS & other capture card
New Is there a way on OBS to capture another stream from twitch directly?Fire1520
New Streaming endlessly for hours and you need a LONG break.Patman111196
New Wondering why livesplit lags.[user deleted]
New OBS Audio capturing issuealkaline_ice
New How do you do splits on an NES?TheJanMan
New no footage showing on xsplit?DarQ_Massacres
New Pc for streamingChildlink
New Question Regarding Transluscent ChatboxesNihilistComedyHour
New Looking for a HDMI Capture Card[user deleted]
New 2nd Monitor Not ConnectingRaCiNgMoNsTeRFTW
New Capturing/recording runs for beginnersScarecrowMayhem
New Struggling to come up with a new layout[user deleted]
New Best USB capture device in 2017?SwordlessLink
New How to get featured on speedrun.comMrGamerOFCourse
New Would this be considered a decent stream layout for speedrunning?TheNarrator
New It's all about the content right? Well seems like it is working!jackthelightning
New amount of time for livestreamdrayden15
New Streaming MagusTheNarrator
New Whats a good way to set up your sr streamsSteinly
New no micdrayden15
New Cross-platformmarkblake
New capture card for wii and wii udrayden15
New Beginner struggling with laggy OBS streamingItsASquid
New Beginner runner looking for advice.MrMaladroit
New getting splits in streamDarQ_Massacres
New What internet speed do you guys have ?  Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7[user deleted]
New How to get stream to show on this site?Everground
New Livestreamer Twitch Viewer - The best way to open a stream0_yami_0
New StreamingZer0z
New How to publish your app0_yami_0
New Streaming with terrible uploadYunikoYokai
New Twitch Affiliates Program  Page: 1 2TheGreatToddman
New AverMedia Live Gamer EXTREME - Upscaling from 480i to 720p ?Benjee
New Not showing up on the streams pageepicdudeguy
New I'm holding a 24Hr Charity Livestream this Saturday, featuring speed runs of Castle of Illusion and Klonoa 2!nickrpgreen
New My first speedrun attempt on stream!BenCo
New Hand CamORaYBeast
New not appearing in the streams section?PrettyGood67
New Dolphin lagmrpokegamer
New How to stream speedruns?TheMaroonWalrus
New good specs for streaming?V1lle
New Uploading runsFaulheit
New Gambatte On OBS StudioTheGreatToddman
New What is a good capture card for a Wii?CallMehAlec
New Livesplit not showing up as an option for OBS Studioshadowchaos117
New (XSplit) Hotkey for splitting recording stream into new file?Dracokon
New Not showing up on streams?Toady
New OBS Recording ProblemKromer
New [Q]Show Keystrokes in stream?MrAngryPacifist
New Logitech webcam video feed freezes in XSplit.Dracokon
New have splits on stream from console streamDarQ_Massacres
New Input display from console?Carpenter
New There a speedruns stream team?VII
New I kindly ask for helpHollowFoxy
New Where the hell did OBS Classic go?Nyarlathotep
New Streaming keeps on CrashingSuperspyro64
New Streaming on Twitch with CocoaSplitOSXKingofthehill47
New Hepl! Avermedia HD game captureWeaponLord
New How to setup/use streamlabBalletdancergabe31
New How do you make a nice layoutBalletdancergabe31
New streaming from gameboy advance spredtengu
New Framerate of the actual game is fine, but stream framerate is in the crapperemeraldaly
New Game title?IlluminaTea
New OBS Game Capture captures NOTHING (but a solid black screen)emeraldaly
New Connecting stream to the site?DHutch
New Need Help Syncing LiveSplit With Elgato In OBSipie4fun
New OBS reconnect pop-upmugg1991
New Rate the Layout AboveKonasumi
New Easiest Ways to Stream for Low-end Systemdarcyska
New twitch css changed apparentlymugg1991
New I need a recording ProgramBeAPo
New What is best for iPhone captureFamily101
New SCART to HDMI converter with AVerMedia LGPKylovic
New Looking For New Capture Card For PS1/PS2 Under 150€OddsomeOddy
New Window capture successfully captures title screen, but freezes thereemeraldaly
New OBS Reconnecting every hourCEEOLM
New How do i set the title of my Twitch Stream?tcd11
New How do I create a leaderboard for "Lost Soul Aside"RaySezen
New Having trouble windowing a gameNyarlathotep
New Processing streams - get a run on
New Xsplit not reading HDMIrugged_warrior
New Elgato - 4:3 on TV while connected with capture cardOddsomeOddy
New OBS wont record fullscreenZord
New Streaming problem.MrBlondeDVE
New Any twitch teams out there?ieatsushi69_
New Using Elgato to capture PS1 games on PS2Fragger
New Noobiest of noobs here, good layout and timer tutorials?BossJelly
New Component Cap Card / 3rd Part ControllersSectaSix
New How to stream a game (from YouTube live)brmbrmcar
New Do Mega Man X games show up on this site?SuperTwoU
New Help Installing OBSnightstar1623
New How can I have my stream on ?Arcree
New Buffering problemsmiccat87
New Streaming/ from 3dsX1facepalmcombo
New All in onebanta546
New HD AV Grabber tint with component (PS2 capture)n1nj4ofshr3d
New Streaming on not only twitch, but Speedrun.comgoatpuncherarctic
New How to stream PS4 games ?Elixir95
New Streaming PS1 Games[user deleted]
New Recording PS1 On PS2OddsomeOddy
New GV-USB2 shows up on Amarec, but not un OBS?Kylovic
New Pictures of your Streaming Setup  Page: 1 2 3 4Bollard
New Some questions about music (Long post sorry)Mazimov
New New speedrunner!Geebuz
New Total Newb Question for ILSoru
New Good iOS app recorder?BaconBasedGod
New Best setup to have someone cocast without delay?SiFly
New Capture Cards and MicrophonesLethalLulu
New Elgato Game Capture HD and Super NintendoNe0squid
New Yes or No to Whistler Blower Glitchless Insane?trueblue32
New EasyCap problems.Lance_
New GV-USB2 Mac Compatability?tridenttail
New Never happearing in the stream listTheSimo
New ExhumedTumeK5
New Now Streaming Shining Soul II!bengerman777
New Avermedia LGP Lite + Scart to HDMI Convertersebi2201
New Team Warpless [Stream Team]  Page: 1 2Stixsr
New Do i need to record?ezio_auditore_
New Speedcontrol - Simplifying Online/Offline Marathons (now in open beta)charleon
New Single Segment Podcast - Need Guests!mrmutantduck
New PAL/NTSC converter for N64?Kylovic
New Good and Cheap capture card that is easy to use?derek31047
New Stream Team?Stixsr
New Using Livesplit and VBAn1nj4ofshr3d
New audio problem when streaminglelreset
New Good mic to speedrunEwil
New Two capture cards at once?TwoWorldsCoexisting
New Need some OBS helpfelip24y
New Who's going to SGDQ?redcheeseburger
New How do you put Livesplit on the side of a stream?Gy009
New GV-USB2 + AmarecKylovic
New how do you add splits to streamconmangamer22
New Best capture card for wiibroccoli_illuminati
New Whats the best way to capture a speed run using a PS4?DrDefrag
New Nintendo 64 S-VideoAlonesemnome
New Trouble getting my stream on speedrunslive.combOEkh
New I want to be on the stream listSolidSpiderZnake
New IWBTBbuddy1121
New can OBS record game footage and added overlays (timer, pics, tex, etc) separately when streaming?SolidSpiderZnake
New Experiencing Twitch troubles recentlyPackSciences
New An Issue with my GV2-USBPessimistic_Mango
New Submitting Cover Art to TwitchHavocProdigy
New Noob questions about streamingFinx
New OBS don'T stream VBAMrKvikur
New "Output Audio To Desktop" OBS Troubleshootingtridenttail
New Hello allchippi
New Noob 101 streaming help needed...speedrunsRus
New Giant Bomb/Twitch sync?rarelikeaunicorn
New Hai I'm pretty new to all of this! o/Its_time_for_tea
New Possible to submit a run with 10+ parts? Had a lot of PicnicsDragoonClawNZ
New Webcam streamingZutara2012
New Twitch BannersBernacaz
New twitch teamswingflip
New Twitch Panel Artswingflip
New Having problems with my Dazzle DVC HD as EuropeanFishermanFV
New Layout's topicDarthColette
New Background/LayoutTheCrazyCroco
New OBS Setup for bad computerDerpeth
New Questions regarding streaming.Levonent
New Can I get some help with OBS?Pelador
New Re-streaming your own content on TwitchDicePower
New Looking for twitch bot testerspogo4545
New Is there any artwork we can use on stream?ConnorB_
New Software that shows what buttons im pressing?Cam0_DB
New Do i need to use a splitter to speedrun?Cam0_DB
New Best capture cardRavenSuzumiya
New Playstation 1 games played on PS2 consolesPelador
New Streaming and local recording help[user deleted]
New streaming on a pc monitor?derek31047
New Need help with LivesplitPelador
New Lossless Codec ComparisonJolzi
New Megaman2Kinfath92
New Your Keyboards!Lanayru
New Non speedrun streamsKfnnapa
New From twitch to hitbox  Page: 1 2Nordtecx
New need help with getting stream startedaarrison
New My Stream Won't Apear On The SiteJareds129
New Stream GTAQuantic756
New (Guide) Restreaming Twitch/HitBox in OBS - No Screen Capturingzoton2
New New streaming program: MishiraAdminLighnat0r
New Dxtory/OBS helpsixfour
New Dxtory help :)Nordtecx
New how 2 streem gudGrey_Esperanto
New Need your help maybeNordtecx
New Locked: Destiny 2 Trials and Raid CarriesWecarry123
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