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Would it interest people (other then myself) if there was a section for dungeon RTA?

This is probably not gonna be something that console player like much compare to emulator player (for an obvious reason) but it look pretty fun to me, as someone who prefer short speedrun but optimized one.

I actually created a script for BizHawk that is an automatic timer that split for you for each room, save/load your best dungeon attempt, your gold splits and as well your inputs.

I am pretty sure that I will try and RTA each dungeon no matter what but if at least someone else is interested too, I would like to know what are the rules we are going to follow first for the timing and etc.

I could adapt the script to those terms and then it would be really easy to use for anyone and it would not have some problem about the time this way.

I would like to know the opinion of anyone about this, positive or negative.

As a pseudo-exemple for the timer script :

See Ya!


This is extremely impressive and a cool concept. Dungeons are the places where the most time is lost so it doubles as an effective method of practice.

I like it, and I'd probably utilize it.


The script as been done for a while, but until more people are interested, I will keep it to myself for now (and Demo that have tested it) It is also more user friendly then the initial way I wanted to make it work.

Now create a new window with everything on it so the emulator window have no extra UI element.