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Hi everyone. I am a new speedrunner and I have an NES Classic and I am planning to speedrun some Mario 3. Probably some Super Mario Bros as well. How do you recommend that I record it? Right now, I only have a chromebook and I use a split timer app on my Android phone. I have been practicing a lot.


Actually I don't practice that much because I have school. Whisper me on Twitch if you have any advice. My Twitch username is kalifguest22 and I might not stream speedruns on Twitch.


I just use a stop watch after I filmed the run and stop it when it ends lol


I don't think the mods of those games are particularly picky unless your run is WR caliber (which I believe it literally can't be on NES Classic). So just shoot a cell phone video or something and submit it. They'll do the timing.


Check out this awesome tool made by @SlushPuppySlushPuppy:

This tool allows you to time accurately based off of YouTube, quickly.

However! You can be rest assured that the majority of leaderboard moderators will do retiming for you if you are having trouble.

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