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I have been the moderator for Wizard101 speedruns for over a year now and recently I keep getting runs submitted to me by one user who clearly doesn't care to follow the rules. Is there a way for me to ban them from submitting runs to my particular game? This has been happening for a few months now and they don't listen when I tell them they keep breaking the rules.


Banning users from boards would potentially be an abused feature, I imagine.

If they're submitting runs that don't follow the rules, then just keep rejecting them. Looking at the profile of the user I assume you are talking about, they've been doing the same thing with Mario Bros 1, also. If they keep insistently doing it to the point where it feels they're trolling then contact either me or @Bokoblins. Their submissions seem spaced out to the point where I can assume they're simply not reading the rules or their rejection messages/notifications, though.

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Thank you for the quick response Liv. Him and I have spoken through some comments on my youtube videos before, so I know they've seen me tell them to read the rules before and not to do certain things. But despite that, they do keep continuing with not following the rules of the runs. So I do suspect that they're trolling at this point.


Sorry, before I submited some Youju movies and VirtuaNES movies, cause I donnot know the regulation here.
From now on, I want to redo many games according to speedruns regulation, and obey the rules here.
My Astyanax movie
and tokkyuus movie
Both games are 2nd, according to the sp regulation. My other reject games ranking are not good, no need cheating.
And, could you give me a chance to submit, I want to prove to all that I am not a cheater. Next time I strictly observe the rules
Even for all my reject movies, I will redo to show to all later.
I am a new comer, don't want to be banning user, give a chance to me


I don't think I've seen you submit runs to my particular game (Wizard101) before Ping, you aren't who I was referring to. But it's good that you'll try to follow the rules and not cheat 🙂