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So, i was a butt and died in a run, but continued, but i stopped my timer. I ended up PBing and getting a time that would have moved me up in the ranks. Can I take the video and add a new timer to it? It would be verifiable since the length of the video is recorded, but I don't know if that is okay or not. I am so mad at myself lol. I am new to speedrunning so i didn't think i could bring it back, but i did! Ugh 🙁 Can any admin help me with this question?


A timer is not required to submit a run. The moderators can re-time it for you without you having a timer in your video ^^


Yeah, timers shouldn't be required on screen, but an easy solution is to use ShotCut (free & easy to use video editor, it's what I use) to overlay a generic timer onto your videos

EDIT - other video editors are available, this post isn't sponsored lol


You can't say something like that in absolutes. A timer shouldn't be required, but maybe for this game it is. There's a a game that I'm looking at running that requires onscreen timers (I always use one anyway). It's always up to the community for the specific game.

OP has run only one game, so presumably that's the one. Rules do not mention requiring a timer.


@emeraldaly true, in some cases they ask for a timer and it's stated in the rules.

But I think it's stupid to reject a run because someone didn't record a timer. I don't see a reason why an external timer should be required for a 'valid' run. But you can edit one in the video like @DoctorDave5001 mentioned ^^

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"- Cheating isin't tolerated and will result in all your runs getting deleted from our speedrun page and rejection for all your future runs."

The fact that the moderators of that game felt the need to include that second rule says to me that their judgment about what should be taken as a given and what is common sense isn't completely sound.

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alrighty, cool thank you!!! Im going to put a new clock on it and reclock the time then


Timers aren't required for CT3.

If you aren't using a timer though, make sure to locally record your run whilst streaming. Twitch cutting the VOD or losing a section of gameplay due to a stream disconnect, can result in a rejection due to loss of gameplay + the inability to accurately retime a run (due to missing gameplay) if there's no timer.

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