(I use) Sonic R PC Download

El sonic R que yo uso, con este se puede hacer el glitch al ganar a los jefes en la transición, etc. (external link)

By misterLO472misterLO472


Depender de muchísima suerte es MUY estresante e injusto, solo quiero que sea divertido y que todos tengan acceso a dicho recurso para que no sea injusto ni aburrido (direct download)

By misterLO472misterLO472

Shy Girl. Layout Livesplit

My layout of livesplit Shy Girl. Hehe :) First unzip it and then open the layout with the program livesplit (direct download)

By misterLO472misterLO472

Sonic R PC Download 2004 Version

This download is for the unmodded 2004 version of Sonic R on PC (this version is allowed for speedrunning). The one linked by misterLO is the 1997 version. To use it, download the file and extract the zip file, mount the disc image file that says "SONICR2004", then in the OS part of your computer, Program Files (86x) < Sega < Sonic R < Click application that Says "Sonic R". To play in windowed mode, create a shortcut for the app and drag it to your home page. Right click the file and click on "Properties", and in the "Target" part of the properties, type windowed at the end (make sure to put a space after the "). Click save. (external link)

By DylCatDylCat


All Emeralds

Un archivo de guardado para PC con todas las esmeraldas desbloqueadas. (direct download)

By misterLO472misterLO472



I am creating livesplits with all runs of all categories for easy comparison. In the 1st Version is Any% No Obb PC, a livesplit with all the runs of that category. Soon there will be more :) (direct download)

By misterLO472misterLO472