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Okay, so i've been trying to learn the current Any% Route and one of the first small skips is the Dumpster Jump while chasing Ming. i personally didn't like the idea of just kind of yolo jumping and trying to get onto it, so i tried to find a way to get it reasonably consistent.

here is my setup.

The First thing you'll want to do is run into the corner with the Dumpster like in this Screenshot:

there is a small dark spot on the wall right around where Wei's Head is ( where the arrow is pointing at ). line yourself up by just casually walking forward ( as in don't sprint ) now stop for a bit, start walking forward again and press the 'Sprint / Climb' Key.

now you should land on the side of the Dumpster like in this Screenshot:

adjust your Camera Angle so it faces the wall with the woodenplanks ( similar to how it is in the Screenshot ). again just wait for a little bit, now start walking forward and press the 'Sprint / Climb' Key.

now you should hopefully land on the side of the Dumpster lid similar to this Screenshot:

once you get the Landing / Dropping Animation like on the Screenshot just start moving forward again while mashing the 'Sprint / Climb' Key and you should hopefully get to where Ming is standing.

sometimes you'll get the Suttering Animation. either keep holding Forward and mash climb or just drop down onto the Dumpster and casually climb up again.

here is a Video of this whole thing:

i'm sorry for any kind of grammatical and or wording errors as english is not my native language, and this being written at 02:45 AM.

thank you for reading.

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Confirmed it myself, it's about as consistent as you could hope for in speedrunning. Personally, I found it easier to jog across the edge of the dumpster, then mash the climb button when I head to the right, instead of risking being caught in the stutter. Irritatingly enough when I recorded proof with controller inputs, OBS wasn't set up correctly to record sound, so it's a silent video, but is still confirmed to work.

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That's not a bad way to do it. I preferred turning and taking a step to the left without adjusting the angle, the effective input direction was about parallel with the front side of the dumpster. From there I'd go for a perpendicular angle to parkour up. The biggest thing is just making the setup consistent with not getting hit by enemies. I think the trick is easy and consistent if you grind it for an hour or two.